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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-49 Chapter

Chapter 49 - Taking the fertile colony into possession.

49,1. Although the 70 converted robbers said through Olgon that they lived far beyond Damascus, this was also not true since they only lived with their wives and children in certain difficult accessible holes and caves in this region. But they often made their robbery trips in the environment of Damascus and returned then with the loot often back to this region, which provided for them always the best safety against all pursuits.

49,2. When after a few moments we were completely out of their sight, about which they were again very much surprised, they went on their way back and traveled along the desert to the place where their women and children were living with their possessions in a big cave that was difficult accessible, which had been more spared from the storm and did also not become full of mud. When the 70 men came back so quickly into the cave, their women and children, who were still trembling from fear and anguish because of the sudden unheard-of heavy storm, were surprised that they came back so fast without any loot.

49,3. The men related briefly about all the incredible wonderful things they had experienced, and that they now – which the women desired already for a long time – had given up the robberies for the rest of their life, and instead of that, they received from a Man who is filled with God’s Spirit a loot for life which is endlessly much better for the eternal life of their soul and more valuable than all the treasures on Earth.

49,4. They also told their wives and children who became more and more curious, how that Man, who was as mighty as God, had transformed by His word and His will this old and desolate desert into a true and fertile Eden by means of that terrible storm, and had given it to them as an indisputable property, and that also habitations were ready in different places of this landscape that was really wild before. They were already completely provided of everything and were certainly also created by the purely godly might of the Man they mentioned.

49,5. When the women heard this from their husbands they wanted immediately and without much delay to search for those wonderful houses. However, the men thought that this would not be possible before 3 days have past because the clefts, pits and gaps would still be full of mud in which one could easily sink away completely and die.

49,6. When the women heard that, they gave in, but after 3 days they went to search for the habitations, and everyone found the house that was allocated to them and they immediately moved in.

49,7. The habitations were placed in such a way that they could not be seen from no matter what point from the road by bypassing travelers, and this was very good for the inhabitants, because in this manner the travelers would not call on their door prematurely and trouble them with a 1.000 questions about how and when the inhabitants built the houses and how they made this old desert fertile.

49,8. Because already after a couple of weeks My blessing became visible everywhere in the desert, and many Samaritans and Greeks who traveled through this former desert inquired zealously here and there about who had brought this desert into cultivation, and no one could give them any explanation. And those who knew did not show themselves much to the other people, and in the beginning not at all. Only after a few fruits were ripening, the Samaritans came and consulted in order to decide to whom this land should be allotted if there was still no owner who settled down in that place.

49,9. Then Olgon came to them with several of his companions and said to those who were consulting: “Friends, this whole big desert has never been anyone’s property, just like the extensive sea has never been anyone’s measured property. We Jews, who were persecuted by the Pharisees because we could not and did not serve their evil thoughts, have taken this desert into possession to live here, and have made it fertile only with the help of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. And truly, Jehovah Himself has given it to us as an undisputable property. Therefore you do not have to consult any further as to whom this desert should be allotted, for this has already been taken into possession by 70 families who also have set up their habitation in this region.”

49,10. When those who were consulting there, heard this from Olgon, they were unpleasantly surprised and asked a Roman judge who traveled with them through that region how they had to interpret this, since the desert was completely the property of Samaritans, and Samaritans had generally the right to possess it.

49,11. But the judge said: “In which land there ever has been since unmemorable times a complete desert who is the property of no one and where there also has never been a landowner who has notified a court about his property, such a desert is free and is allotted by the court to any first one who has declared himself as its possessor. Since these men, to whom the cultivation of this former total desert can be accredited, have declared themselves now as the possessors, the indisputable property is allotted to them by right.

49,12. And since they have cultivated a desert that was the property of no one before, they also will have the advantage to be exempt from any kind of taxes for 20 full years. If however, after a good harvest, they will choose voluntarily to give taxes in honor of the emperor, they will be able to rejoice in the special protection of Rome against all situations that are unsafe for them. I, judge, in name of the mighty emperor of Rome, have said, and thus commanded.”

49,13. So through this juridical act it came true that no one could dispute the possession of the cultivated desert of the 70 families. In a few years this region was one of the most fruitful and was greatly admired by all travelers, and already after 1 year the possessors had notified the court voluntarily to pay taxes in honor of the emperor, and by that they were declared and were made citizens of Rome, which gave them many advantages.

49,14. Although it had to endure heavy trials, this new established community remained the most pure for many years, just like the one of the Essenes. However, also this most beautiful part of Samaria went to ruin by the devastating wars and migrations, and it soon became the old desert again.

49,15. And now we will return to ourselves again.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-49 Chapter