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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-113 Chapter

Chapter 113 - How difficult it is for souls who went astray to repent in the beyond.

113,1. And look, the soul of this man, whom I have shown you, became more sober, more patient, more humble, and more pure because of the suffering and pain that he caused to himself by living his life that is contrary to the order. And he became stronger to work on his inner life and examined himself more seriously and deeper. Also the souls in the big world of the beyond are in time purified by all kinds of sufferings, experiences and also pain that they only caused to themselves. Purified because they begin to feel a real aversion to their wrong way of acting, and abhor them more and more deeply in themselves. So they completely change their love, their will, and with that also their thinking and striving. They turn into themselves as into their true spirit of life, and in this manner they gradually pass over, as if step by step, to a clearer and happier existence.

113,2. However, in the big world of the beyond it is more difficult and more troublesome than in this world, and with a lot of souls who sank too deep in their life against My order, the time needed before they will find in themselves the way to My eternal and unchanging order will be unimaginably long.

113,3. On this Earth, every person stands on firm ground, and he has a great number of good and bad ways before him and all kinds of advisors, leaders and teachers around him. With only a little examination he can easily choose for all that is good. So he also can change his love and his will, and in this way he can – acting according to My order that becomes more and more clear to him – become more and more perfected. But in the other life, the soul of a person has only himself and is the creator of his own world, just like in a dream.

113,4. So in such world there can also be no other way than the one which a soul, out of its love, will and fantasy, has made for itself.

113,5. If its love and will are, according to My order, good and just – even if it is only for the greater part – such soul will soon, after a few bitter experiences that it probably made on some way that is contrary to My order, of course sooner or later choose to follow the correct way. Then it will observe it, and so will pass over from its existence of fantasy and dream into a true and real existence, where, in the increasing bright light, everything will become more and more understandable to it – things that before could never come into its mind.

113,6. And such soul, which already became purer because it improved its life, will then of course make quick and easy progress. But on the other hand, a soul who lives in a world of dreams and evil fantasies – which originated from its own love and its own will, both contrary to the order, and where often hardly half way within the order exists or can exist – will have much difficulty on its way, a way which is hardly noticeably and which passes only half within the order. After a long time it will have trouble to choose an orderly way and that leads to the true light of life, and to raise itself entirely within My order on that way on which it still will have to fight against many obstacles.

113,7. Then how will a soul fare in the beyond who has not even half or a quarter of a way within My order, and who will thus also not be able to find one? Look, this is already the actual Hell.

113,8. Such soul will pass on all his numberless evil ways of his dark world of dreams and fantasies and will even want to exalt himself to rule over Me.

113,9. But since he not only will accomplish nothing by that, but will only lose more and more, he also becomes more and more angry, furious, and in an ever greater rage, more revengeful, and by that also more and more dark and powerless.

113,10. Now just imagine the countless, disorderly and most evil ways in the foolish fantasy world of such a soul. When will it have experienced all of them until it comes to a point where it will realize a little that all its attempts, strivings and efforts are useless and foolish, and awaken a certain desire and activity in it to henceforth rather obey instead of wanting to rule over everything itself?

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-113 Chapter