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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-114 Chapter

Chapter 114 - The futile attempt to educate a tyrant.

114,1. Just consider the first mentioned imperious tyrant whose thinking and striving was only focused on conquering the whole world to make all other rulers his lowliest slaves and to let himself be honored and worshipped by all the nations on Earth as a God who commands everything. Gather a mighty army, attack his countries, take away all his cities and castles, finally imprison him and say then to him: ‘Look, proud and very vain fool of a king, you wanted to conquer the whole world and make slaves of all the other rulers of nations, now you are in my power and you must conform to my will. But I do not want to be hard against you. I want to give you mercy as justice if you will humiliate yourself in your mind and will become a man who wants to do good to all his fellowmen and if you want to make up for all the injustice that you have often and unprecedented committed against them. Although I will take you into custody and watch all the decisions you will take that reflect your thoughts and strivings. If I notice that you have completely changed, I have the power and the good will to bring you back to your kingdom and put you on the throne as a true ruler – this unto salvation, but never more unto disaster of the people who suffered under your tyranny.’

114,2. And look now further on, My friend Pellagius. On this, your prisoner will promise you to do everything whatever you will ask him to do, for in return you promised to give him back his kingdom and his throne. But do you think that his mind will become entirely different? Apparently yes, but in reality certainly not, for if you will put him again on the throne, all his strivings will be secretly directed to take revenge on you. Because to humiliate an arrogant and proud king from the highest glittering throne to far below the level of beggary means the same as making a perfect devil out of him who can almost not be helped anymore in the kingdom of eternal darkness.

114,3. If such person is completely filled with the greatest anger and irreconcilable revengefulness, whether he is a king or a slave, he cannot be converted anymore, nor can he be improved. It is best to suffer those kinds of people with all patience and to admonish them at some opportunity, as I did Myself by the mouth of My many prophets.

114,4. If they do not care – as usual – a few sensitive chastisements should come over them, by which it will at least become half clear to them that they caused it to themselves. If despite of that, they do not change, they should be wiped off from the Earth, which is of course always only My decision because I am the only One who can most clearly see when the measure of abominations of such person is full.

114,5. If you will deeply think about what I said and showed you now about Hell, it will become clear to you what Hell actually is, and how and where it is.

114,6. As a good person – living virtuously and piously according to God’s will – carries Heaven as the Kingdom of God indestructibly in himself, so also, the definite adversary of God’s order carries Hell indestructibly in himself, for this is his love and his unwavering will, and thus also his life. Did you understand this well now?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-114 Chapter