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Chapter 115 - A prophecy of the Lord about the Last Time.

115,1. Now Pellagius said: “Yes, o Lord and Master, we thank You all for this light, which is of course not suitable for making a good human heart joyful. But it is still good that an evil person judges and condemns himself, and entirely isolates himself forever from what is good.

115,2. But if in this case, very mighty angel spirits would visibly be sent from the Heavens to such people and would clearly show their injustice and also confirm their mission by great signs, then it would be very strange if they would not examine themselves and repent.”

115,3. I said: “Yes, My friend, it is to your heart’s great honor to think like that, but the wish, that you have spoken out, was in this world – and now and then in the other world – oftentimes accomplished by Me, and for those who still could be saved, it often had the best and very lasting effect, but for those who were already completely hardened in evil, not at all.

115,4. Just look at the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. At that time, angels really descended from the Heavens to Lot. And what could they accomplish? Read and you will find it. Read what happened at the time of Noah. Who, apart from Noah and his family, cared about it? What did Moses do in front of the tyrannical pharaoh? And this one became more and more angry and did not refrain from persecuting Moses and the Israelites, as badly and as long as possible till the sea drowned him and his army. Look at the story about Jericho. Great signs were done under the reign of Joshua, and apart from a whore, nobody cared about it. Then read the stories of all the big and little prophets, then you will see how little they accomplished with the actual hard sinners against God’s order.

115,5. But let us not look at all the things that flew by in time on this Earth, but let us look at the great unique present time.

115,6. Look at My disciples. Who are they? Mostly poor fishermen. Some are from Jerusalem and followed Me for already a long time now. But where are the actual great rulers of this city who also heard My words, and wherein, in the presence of one of the greatest angels from the Heavens, I, as the Lord Myself, performed great signs before their eyes, as well as the angel beside Me?

115,7. What did it all accomplish? Look, that they now obsessively persecute Me in great haste and try to kill Me.

115,8. I finally – as I explained to you before – will also let that happen to Me, that means to My body, and will resurrect on the 3rd day, and I will go to all My friends and comfort and strengthen them. And still, those hard ones will not care about it but will also persecute My friends with the same haste. And this just as long till the measure of their abominations will be full and I will wipe them off from the Earth.

115,9. In the future, until the end of the world, I will send My messengers from the Heavens, so that My word would not be destroyed and would not be too much slandered by the evil children of this world. But they also will be more or less persecuted for the sake of My name, till the time when I will come back as a flash of lightning that from sunrise to sunset will very brightly illuminate everything that does good or bad things on this Earth.

115,10. In that time I will let a big sifting come over the whole face of the Earth, and only the good and pure ones will be saved.

115,11. From this you can see that I always and very faithfully have fulfilled your wish since the very first beginning of men. And I am certainly fulfilling it now, and I likewise will fulfill it until the end of times of this world. Nevertheless, the will of man will remain free, and every person will in every time have to endure the temptation of the life of the flesh, will have to deny all the desires and lusts of the flesh as much as possible, and will have to be humble and patient in everything, in order to truly preserve and complete My Kingdom in himself. For everyone who wants to come to Me, will have to be as perfect as I am perfect, and in order to become like that, I Myself came personally to you in this world and show all of you the way to it.

115,12. So do not let yourselves be blinded and enticed by the world, by its matter and the lusts of your flesh, so that the judgment of the world, its matter and your flesh would not awaken in you, and with that the actual Hell, which is the true, 2nd death of the soul.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-115 Chapter