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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-173 Chapter

Chapter 173 - Appearance of a spirit.

173,1. The supreme city judge said: “Then let me see and speak to my father who died already 12 years ago and whom I greatly mourned because he was a very dear and righteous father to me.”

173,2. I said to the supreme city judge: “It will happen according to your wish.”

173,3. And look, at that same moment, the father of the supreme city judge stood in the guestroom, visible for all those who were present.

173,4. His son recognized him immediately and said to him: “So you really continue to live after the death of your body?”

173,5. The father said: “Now you believe it because I was forced to appear to you in this way by the power of Him who is with you, and you can see me now because He opened your inner sight. Why did you not believe your mother who is still living, and your 3 sisters who saw me and spoke to me shortly after my departure? At that occasion I revealed to them briefly that the life of the soul after the death of the body is quite different no matter what people think in this short earthly life.

173,6. The worst in this short time of life is for those who do not believe at all that the soul survives after the falling away of the body, because in the beyond, for a very long time, they still keep the belief which they took along from here and they still expect the eternal extinction which however will and can never come.

173,7. The result of their misbelief is also that they are lazy and slow to undertake something for their progress in the beyond. And so they live in the beyond – as I have heard – often a couple of thousand years, and they do not let themselves be dissuaded from their senseless belief by even the lightest spirits. So beware my son that you will not separate from the world with such misbelief.”

173,8. Then the supreme city judge said: “Truly, father, it is you. For you spoke the same words to me as to mother and my sisters. I wrote them down and I am still keeping them as something holy, although I did not really believe in them up till now. I also wanted to see and speak to you myself, but I was not that lucky.”

173,9. On this, the father said to him: “How would this have been possible? Because no matter how often I came to you, you were never at home and you were always busy in the outer world and its light, and there it is impossible for us to appear to someone and teach him. Now in our being we are not anymore the appearance accomplished by another power. We are the power itself which acts in all elements. Sensorial man can see it, but the active power, which is the actual true being in himself, can as little be seen by an outer person like you as no matter what other power that is active in the material world unless he would return into himself in his true being and would by that open up his inner sight. And then he will also perceive the true being of the active powers, see them in their true being and also be able to contact them.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-173 Chapter