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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-210 Chapter

Chapter 210 - The most important food for man.

210,1. So if man wants to stay completely healthy in body and soul, from childhood he must moderately nourish himself with pure food.

210,2. Look at Me. I am also a human being for what My body is concerned, but I eat and drink always the same food and quench My thirst with pure, good and healthy wine, but always in the right measure. And what I eat and drink now before your eyes, I already ate and drank in My childhood years, as well as most of My disciples here who were almost all fishermen and lived from fish.

210,3. When they had a surplus of fish they caught, they received money, and with that they bought the necessary clothes, bread, salt and also wine which they drank in moderation with water, and ask them if one of them was ever tormented by a sickness, except the one who I do not wish to specifically indicate to you.

210,4. I say to you: if people would have stayed with the food that was indicated by the prophet Moses, the doctors with their drugs would never have had any work to do for them. But they began to stuff their body – just like the pagans in the manner of the epicureans – with hundreds of different so-called delicacies and by that, after a short time, they fell into all kinds of diseases.

210,5. A good kind of fish that stays in clean water and that is prepared in the manner as we have eaten is the healthiest food for the human body.

210,6. Where such fishes cannot be found, wheat and barley bread are in itself the healthiest food for humans, as well as the milk from healthy cows, goats and sheep. Among the pulses, lentils are in first place, and, like with the preparation of pulp, the big Persian maize grain. Only the flesh of a few chickens and doves, then of a healthy and clean bovine animal, and also of goats and sheep, in a completely bloodless condition, can be eaten as food – fried or cooked, but fried is to be preferred to cooked.

210,7. However, the blood of animals should not be eaten by anyone.

210,8. What I told you now is and remains for men the simplest, purest and healthiest food. All the rest – especially when it is eaten in excess – is harmful for man, especially when it is not prepared in such a way that the evil of the nature spirits is completely removed from it.”

210,9. Now the supreme city judge asked Me: “O Lord and Master, then how about the many kinds of very good tasting fruits and roots?”

210,10. I said: “The eatable fruits must in the first place be completely ripe. In that condition they can be eaten with measure. But nevertheless, it is healthier when they are in a cooked, fried or dried form than raw, because by the boiling, frying and drying the bad and still unfermented nature spirits of life are removed from them. It is the same with roots.

210,11. You know the fruits and the roots that are good for men’s consumption. However, the hungry and gluttonous people will not be satisfied with that, but they constantly still discover a great number of things to eat, from the plant kingdom as well as from the animal kingdom, and the results of this are the ever increasing, most various physical sicknesses.

210,12. Based on what I have told you now, you will be able to conclude with little effort for yourself that for Me it is actually one and the same thing to, by My will, provide a field with some kind of grain, fill your granaries with already ripe grain or to put a prepared bread before you or anyone else, and also to multiply it if that were necessary. And so it is the same with all kinds of flesh, for if I can create living animals, it also will not be impossible for Me to create their flesh, to also prepare it and in this prepared condition to always multiply it as needed.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-210 Chapter