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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-93 Chapter

Chapter 93 - The thoughts of the innkeeper concerning the Lord.

93,1. After this very well-founded apologizing explanation of the innkeeper we entered the house and were immediately brought to the biggest and best decorated hall, which up to now had been illuminated very economically with only 1 lamp but was immediately better and sufficiently illuminated with several more lamps.

93,2. Now the innkeeper noticed that we, the company of the captain, with the exception of his followers, were all Jews. So he asked the captain how he, who was otherwise not exactly known as a special friend of the Jews, was now traveling in their company, and moreover on foot. And how could he, a Roman innkeeper, who is an abomination to the Jews, be now capable to satisfy them?

93,3. The captain said: “Do not worry about anything else now except to bring us the right quantity of bread, salt and wine. After that, all the rest will become clear to you.

93,4. Then the right and sufficient quantity of bread, salt and wine was served immediately. We went to sit at a big table that was completely made of stone, and we took some bread with salt and after that we drank the wine.

93,5. The innkeeper noticed however that the daughter of the captain, when I wanted to drink, served Me at once the golden cup of wine that was offered to Me in Pella, and that I put it to My mouth and drank of it while all the other people present drank the wine from cups made of pottery.

93,6. The innkeeper and also a couple of his servants looked at Me from a little distance from head to feet and did not know what they had to think of Me.

93,7. The innkeeper said within himself: “There must be something great about Him, otherwise our captain would not give Him such honor.”

93,8. When we all were sufficiently strengthened with bread and wine, I said to the innkeeper: “Look, innkeeper, a great salvation fell upon your house. Most of you Greeks and Romans are not unknowledgeable in the Scriptures of the Jews, and you know that the one, only true God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and of all that was, is and will be, on it, in it and upon it, a Messiah was promised already since the first beginning of mankind by mouth of the prophets to the Jews, and through them also to you gentiles. And look, this promised Messiah am I, and I have come now only to you gentiles to establish and to spread the Kingdom of God among you.

93,9. I was sent by God the Father from the Heavens, and the Father who sent Me, is the eternal Love, and My heart is its throne. It is in Me and I am in it. Therefore, in Me abides also all might, power and rulership over everything in Heaven and on Earth. I am the Life, the Light, the Way and the eternal Truth Myself.

93,10. The one who believes in Me, who loves Me above all things in the world and lives and acts according to My teaching, and who loves his fellowmen as himself, will receive from Me the eternal life and I will awaken him on the youngest day.

93,11. You just looked at Me from head to feet and said within yourself: ‘Something great must be hidden behind that Man, otherwise our captain would not give Him such honor.’ And look, you are right.

93,12. But to convince yourself that I am indeed the one I told you, you should bring now all the sick people of your house here to Me, then I will heal them. Do you believe that?”

93,13. The innkeeper said: “Lord, Lord, Your words have deeply penetrated in my soul and awakened a life therein that I never felt before, and therefore, everything that You have said to me must be true. So I believe without doubt that You surely will heal all my sick people.”

93,14. On this, the many sick people were brought into our big dining hall. Some among them were tormented with malicious fevers, some by epilepsy, others by gout, one was blind, and two lost their ability of voice and speech from fear during the earthquake.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 10 GGJ10-93 Chapter