Give Thanks without ceasing and be set apart

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The Lord says… Set yourself apart for My Glory & Give Thanks – This is pure Worship Original => Give Thanks without ceasing

November 26, 2009 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy during an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear – Regarding the Holiday ‚Thanksgiving‘

Thus says The Lord to those who have chosen not to remain separate… Do not deny Me, neither in word nor by deed. Do not keep silent, but testify to the glory of who I truly am.

Again I say to you, do not deny Me for the sake of others or in an effort to keep the peace, for there is NO peace! For I tell you the truth, pretense is unbecoming of a servant of The Lord. For pretense is a false witness, and to conceal a matter is akin to a lie.

Therefore regarding those among you who choose to take part in this holiday of men, I say this… Let not one of you sin while doing so. Rather give thanks to The One True God, in the name of The Son. For by Him do all things consist and through Him were all things made, even all these worlds.

Yet wiser still is the one who draws close to Me and sees past this holiday’s veneer, for it is of men and the world. I have no part in it, nor is it in My honor. Be separate from the world therefore, be separate from the unfruitful works of men, as I have called you.

Have no fellowship with the unbeliever, nor keep the company of those who push out the lip and make light of My words and persecute My servants. I am The Lord.

Beloved, in the giving of thanks am I well pleased, yet I call all who are Mine to grow wise in Me… To heed My spirit which I have given them, to see with greater eyes, to be set apart for My glory, striving always to become completely separate from those things I hate…

A peculiar people who stand apart from this world and the corrupt ways of men. Give thanks therefore!… From morning to sunset give thanks, from day to day worship your Father in Heaven, doing so in the name of The Son. For this, My children, is pure worship…