God created Man in His Image and from his Rib He gave him the Woman

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The Lord says… I gave to the Man a Woman & I have sanctified Marriage

April 8, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[God The Father] These words I give you, give to those who need to receive them in their hearts… God gave to man a woman, and saw that it was very good. I have sanctified marriage… And all the works of the world do desecrate, what The Lord has granted as a gift.

Those who live in the ways of The Lord, and follow His laws, to them marriage will be wonderful and joyful, as it was meant to be.

To those who live outside the Law, and follow the ways of the heathen, and act in the manner of demons, to these marriage is a large stone tied about their necks, for the vows taken at the marriage union encompass the full spirit of the Law.

Therefore, those, who forsake the Law, become unequally yoked when married… They fight against themselves. For all things bestowed on man encompass My Law, and only come to fulfillment by following its letter. What one does becomes manifest in all aspects of his life… What one does not do, likewise, becomes manifest as troubles and sorrows.

Blessed are those given and received in marriage, who keep My commandments… For they shall experience love, compassion, understanding, much joy and earthly fulfillment. All those, who first marry their Lord and become the bride of Christ, shall likewise have The Lord Jesus Christ in their midst.

So to all those who have wives, treat them as you would treat your Savior, as if He abided in your home… Love your wife as you love your God. Wives, also, love your husband as you love The Lord, and give to him respect and supplication as you do to your Lord. I have made him the head of his house, and you I have taken from his side. You are part of each other, you are one, but you dwell at his side… No house can have two heads, or two wives formed from one rib. Trust in what The Lord has made and brought together. Peace is what The Lord desires of you and you of each other.

Therefore, to the husband, duties for the husband. To the wife, duties for the wife. Your duties are all of equal importance, each balancing the other’s. Accept what The Lord has given you, and have joy. Let go of that which you hold on to so tightly, and all that you stand firm against in your relationship. Embrace your spouse, and they shall embrace you.

Did The Lord make the branches of the willow tree firm or yielding?… In the yielding, of its branches to the wind, does it live wholly and not break in half… In its yielding does it spread its seed to the wind, and gives shelter to those beneath its branches. It only needs a firm root structure, and to be near the Stream, wherein flows its very life.

As for those in marriage, who smite those near to them with their mouths or with their hands, woe, I say to them… Woe. To lash out at another with one’s tongue, is worse than he who smites his beloved on her cheek… For whatsoever a man conceives in his heart to do that is wicked, he is already guilty, whether he acts or acts not on his evil notions.

Therefore, pay close attention to those things conceived by your heart, for the tempter is ever present, waiting to devour you by that which you have conceived. Focus on your Lord continually, and the tempter shall flee from you…

Then shall springs of living water flow from your heart, and love flow from your lips… For whatever a man puts in his mouth does not defile the man, but whatever proceeds from his mouth, this defiles the man or exalts him, in the eyes of The Lord.

If you are a man or a woman of God, and are the Bride prepared for His Son, you shall not write a bill of divorcement to your spouse, save for adultery. If your spouse, being far removed from God, leaves you or writes you a bill of divorce, this is excusable, for they know not My decrees.

Those, who know My decrees, must follow them, and will be judged by that which they had followed, and by that which they have not followed. Those, who do not know The Lord, shall be judged by that which they have done in their life, for I created all, and all with My image. Therefore, all know right from wrong, and either choose wickedness or righteousness.

I wish that none suffer at the hand of another. I wish for joy and peace in the houses of My people. Therefore, if your husband or wife continually bring against you much pain and sorrow, with their tongue or hand, you shall then separate yourself from them, and not write them a bill of divorce, lest they come to repentance and you have already transgressed.

The greatest of all acts of love is forgiveness, then followed by mercy and compassion. For as The Christ had suffered and died to forgive you, you shall forgive all those who have sinned against you, starting with your spouse. If one had a child who was unruly, disobedient and abusive toward his parents, would his parents then write that child a bill of divorce, and put him away?…

Or would that parent still love him, and seek help from The Lord and those around them? Then, when all these ungodly acts are overcome, with love and The Lord’s help, will there be much rejoicing. All evil is manifest of the evil one and must be overcome. Even if a spouse seeks forgiveness for adultery, you shall give it to them, for this is the way of The Lord. If they seek not forgiveness, write your bill and let them go their way. Are My people not forgiven of all their adulteries against The Lord, if they come to Me and ask?… Do I not then hold them even closer?

Remember always, My children, look on others with compassion and love, because that which you accuse them you have also done unto them, and even so to your God. Neither live in the past, My people, for evil and resentful things abide there. Carry these things not to the present, for in a house where these things of sin in marriage no longer live, nor abound, you must let evil die!… Let it rest.

It is you, who give all things of your mind life, or choose to let them die and rest… Likewise does The Lord do unto the things you have committed against Him. In true forgiveness, there is no remembering or wondering of falsehoods that went before. Focus on this day The Lord has given you… The Lord has only given you this present day, not yet tomorrow. Even yesterday has The Lord taken from men. Today is yours… Tomorrow is The Lord’s.

[Jesus The Christ] Live your life for your God. Live it as Christ did. Treat others, as you would have them treat you. Always trust in your Lord… I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE… He, who believes in Me, has everlasting life…

And during this life will I give him cups of living water to drink, until I come… Then will they who thirst, thirst no more, for I am with them, forevermore… Amen.