God is the Fosterer and Protector of Those tossed away in bitter Ignorance

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The Lord says… I am The Protector of Those tossed away in bitter Ignorance

October 20, 2004 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy, for his wife… Lord, should she write a letter about abortion to her friends and family?

[The Lord answered] Write these words, Timothy, for your wife… Beloved, your aims are both admirable and righteous, and strong of faith. In this you honor Me, for these things weigh heavily upon My heart.

Thus to these nations and peoples who smite My precious created ones, My very gifts to men and women, I say… ‚You also will I abort and smite! Behold, I will cut your lives short!‘

For as The Son of Man has spoken, so shall it be… It would have been better for them to wear the millstone around their neck and perish in the depths of the sea, than to suffer My wrath over these little ones!

Therefore, I call those whose guilt rises to Heaven, to repent with all their heart, to repent in sackcloth and ashes, and they too will I forgive according to the New Covenant I have made with men, through the blood of The Lamb.

So then shine forth, O child of Zion; stand firm! Defend the helpless, speak on the behalf of those who have no speech, and uphold the cause of those who are yet unseen! For behold, it is I who formed them, it is I who caused them to be!

For I tell you the truth, these little ones know the Kingdom of Heaven already, and will return with The King at the time appointed… For the Kingdom of God belongs to all such as these, says The Lord.

Blessed be the name of The One who is, and was, and is forevermore,The Fosterer and Protector of those tossed away in bitter ignorance!

Question asked by Timothy, for his wife… Lord, what should she include in the letter?

[The Lord answered] Beloved, do all as you have said, and make the Commandment clear, saying… ‚YOU SHALL NOT KILL!‘ Include also the words of The Son of Man concerning the little ones, how I made them innocent and blameless, gifts from God. For I tell you the truth, the day is coming quickly, whether they believe or believe not, when all must stand in judgment for their evil deeds… For LIFE IS, before its very conception! Says The Lord.