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Heavenly Gifts Volume 1


Correct parental Love - Thursday, April 23rd 1840

1. Give the following words to the wife of Ans. H., for I have recognized her yearning and I want to give her a small consolation, which she should heed for herself, as well as for her children, maidens and boys.

2. I delight in every one who is delighted in Me, and I have a lot of water to give to those who thirst for it. And My grace is as wide as it is far reaching, and nowhere can a narrow part be found.

3. Therefore, mother of the flesh, distribute your love amongst your people, like I do with My grace - so that none of your children develop a suspicious eye out of a secret jealousy, and therefore would not look kindly upon their brother or sister! Have a full and balanced measure of love for all your children - so that I may be able to grant them an equally full and balanced measure of grace! Otherwise, those, who are more loved shall receive less grace, whereas the less loved ones shall receive more grace from Me.

4. See, I am a Father of the persecuted, a comforter of the distressed - but I am also a very strict judge for those of your children, which you loved too much, for the excess of your love ruins your children, and it will make them incapable to receive My grace. - Therefore, give each one equally, what is useful to them, what they need and what is beneficial to their welfare, and subdue your heart - for then, My grace will take you into their midst!

5. Believe Me, that it is Me who tells you this, as your good Father. - What you faintly see, I see clearly. Where you look at with all acuity, there I look through the finger. What the world judges, I take up; but whatever the world exalts, that shall be abased before Me. - Look at the adulteress, judged by the world! Her fault I have written into the sand, so that the wind may blow it away. - All of you shall do so as well, if you want to be my rightful children, whom I love much more than you could ever imagine.

6. Like the sun shines and the rain falls on all the grass, so should your love be towards your children, but for the strangers it shall be like a conflagration or a downpour, so that no self love may have dominion over you and your children - out of which your trust shall become stronger, so that I may always be able to help you, wherever you are the most weak.

7. Let this be a little comfort to you! - Wherever I want to enter, I first sweep! - This says your good and holy Father. - Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 1 HG1-4 Entry