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Heavenly Gifts Volume 1


Cross, Crown & Love - Friday, April 24rd 1840

1. To the one, who is called M. S., who delights in My 'skin', who holds the wood of the cross in high regard, and who treats the iron of the nails equal to the hands, that have been pierced, and who treats the cross itself equal to the Crucified One – the one who has suffered much already on account of her 'double love', tell her, what I let her be told, for the sake of her health and salvation.

2. She shall not love the cross more than Me or the nails more than the crowned head! For those who do so, must suffer a lot on account of their twisted love. Whoever loves the cross, I will gladly give it to them, and also the nails, and the crown. And those who love the cross, the nails and the crown out of their love for Me, they will be crucified like Me. However, those who love Me for the sake of the cross, the nails and the crown, they love My 'skin', since it is covered with drops of blood, blows and wounds, and thus they are like those children who do not love their parents until these cry in front of their door, stooped on account of many sufferings.

3. Whoever wants to love Me the right way, He shall keep My commandments and love Me out of My love, which I have given to everyone, without cross, nails and crown, entirely pure, just like I am. Tell her... Whoever truly loves Me in such a way, loves Me also without the cross, the nails and the crown. However, whose love is doubtful, I will surely supply either with the cross, the nails or the crown – that their love for Me will be strengthened, so they will see, that suffering is more difficult than to love, and that I do not rejoice in the suffering of My children, but am only left with a sad heart.

4. See, My yoke is gentle and My burden is light. Only the children of the world must take My Kingdom by force, if they want to grab hold of it. My children however shall not campaign for Me and unnecessarily let themselves be wounded by My enemy – for them, I will surely fight, for the love stands on higher ground, than any battle of one’s own authority.

5. But those who want to fight and also delight in it, they will certainly have to brace themselves for different kinds of wounds and see to it, that they will not be defeated in combat. The winner however will not stand above the pure love, but only below it, for as long as he doesn’t throw the crown of victory into the flames of love.

6. Therefore... For those who love Me, I will fight and win, and their love will be the most beautiful crown of victory. But those who want to take part in combat, on their own authority, I will deploy to their positions, and they will have to fight with their strength in great fear and heat. Their victory will often be sour and take a great toll on them, and one day they will have to give an account for many things.

7. One more thing has to be added though, namely... If someone is buying a house, he is not satisfied with the simple observation of the nice exterior, which dazzles; instead he goes to the salesman and says... 'Let me explore the foundation, the walls, the floors and the roof.' And when he has found the house to be stable, he shall buy the house for any price, since it is a good house. However, if it is not so, one will let it go and no longer negotiate with the fraudulent salesman, even if he were to say that the house has stood for so and so many years – for if an earthquake were to come, it would still collapse. – But if someone lives in an old house, he shall stay consistently at the doorstep, ready to leave, and if he perceives a swaying and shaking, then it is high time for him to depart quickly.

8. This says the Good Shepherd to a tame lamb on the hard pasture of servants. – Amen. – I, Jesus-Jehovah. Amen!

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 1 HG1-5 Entry