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Heavenly Gifts Volume 1


Obedience, Church, Rose - November 25, 1840

1. Oh Lord! Here we have three content-heavy words! – Would You maybe reveal them to me graciously in your great love, for the easy understanding of the enquirer W. H. and her siblings – since she, even though quite young, still, in the eyes of your sinful servant, has some small longing for you. -Oh Lord! If it is Your Holy Will, answer this small plea of your useless and lazy servant, and don’t let me become ashamed in the glorification of your most exalted, mighty and holy Name!

2. Well then, write!

3. Do you still remember the short sentence I have imparted to you, while we were on our way to here yesterday evening? – Look at that, you’ve forgotten half of it! So it is necessary to call it into your mind, before your request may be granted.

4. The sentence went like this… “Why are you looking at the stars so astonished and are afraid for your soul? What do you think, what do you want, what is it that you want to know? – Love! – Thus you will learn, what you do not know and what you are to know.”

5. Look at how you looked at the stars yesterday, blind and sighing, not knowing who the “Lord of the house” is – you are now looking just like that at the three words presented to you by the mentioned girl, and you just don’t know what to make of them.

6. Look, you have rather asked for the topic than for the permission from Me, if you should do this! Would I be as ambitious as men, I would walk out on you this time, so you may become aware of how much of a fool you are!

7. But since I am not as men are, and since your not proud on account of your profound stupidity, I will always tell you what you are asking for, so you may know it for the benefit of others.

8. Look, ‘Obedience’ is the path to the true, living church, which is My living Word, written and uttered from eternity in the heart of every man and angel.

9. The ‘Rose’ however means the purest and most fragrant love for Me out from the church of the heart. But just like the master flower grows on thorny bushes, so also is the path to the true church, the place, where My Grace is solely at home, a bit thorny as well. But exactly because of that, the pure love – whose roots provide good nourishment to the thorny bush in the garden of the childlike obedience – which is the highest, most beautiful and holy possession – yes, love alone is the everlasting, most blissful life itself. And whoever does not carry this royal flower spiritually in his heart, will hardly ever enter into the great, eternal kingdom of heaven.

10. Thus obedience is the garden. – The life lived in obedience are the good roots of the thorny rosebush. Even though they are still in the dark and lightless soil, they are nevertheless the main bearers of the bush, and finally of the bloom itself. – The church however resembles the thorny bush. And the thorns upon it are all the trials of freedom and the numerous temptations of the world, but at the same time the fire suckers of love, just like the real thorns on a rosebush are suckers of the electric fire. – But the rose is finally the beautiful symbol of love itself!

11. So listen, My dear young inventor of these three words! Become a rose also, and as such, My dear daughter, so that the mystery that keeps you trapped in the world may one day become clear to you!

12. So come soon into My garden and blossom into a gorgeous flower of eternal life therein, where you will hear the most secret sounds of My paternal Voice again!

13. What My servant is telling you, applies to your siblings as well! – Amen. – That is, what I say, your most loving Father, Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 1 HG1-69 Entry