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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


A rich Cheapskate in the Beyond - March 30, 1844

The Lord says:

1. Now just write a stern word due to the dream vision of the old C. H., to which a poor and quite filthy spirit came, who was a rich cheapskate on the earth!

2. This spirit, who is in a bad condition in his sphere, since he has nothing but night out of himself and a large desert surrounding him. He suffers much hunger, thirst and cold, and he is of the complete erroneous opinion, that the money he owned in this world would offer him relieve, if it were to be spread among the poor now. - For that reason it was allowed him to open himself to this person (C.H.) concerning this matter. He denied the needy every support, they had begged of him on earth, out of an incredible and unmanly respect for his foolish an filthy wife!

3. But this is just the plan of a spirit, who has no idea of Me yet, but rather only imagines 'God' to be the supreme forces of nature! - But because he has taken with him that much feeling and awareness from the world to remember, that by supporting the poor, one can draw favor from a possible Divine Being, therefore is such a will now awakened within him, which he now seeks to fulfill.

4. But because he simultaneously recognizes the infeasibility of this foolish plan, it makes him extremely unhappy. And it will not be possible to help and advise him for a long time, since on account of this, a great anger against his left behind wife is rising within him. And she will not give ear to this dream, since her ears are clogged with ore! - But woe to the wife, if she follows her husband in a short while and falls into his hands in the beyond! And if she remains the way she is now, she will also not be protected from him.

5. This is therefore the state of this spirit in the beyond! - Truly, he is sad and he suffers much. - But it will be a thousand times worse for the wife, if she will not sincerely turn to Me during her lifetime on earth and distribute 2/3 of her annual income to the needy among mankind - and doing so out of pure love for Me and the poor!

6. Truly, truly, whoever possesses large assets upon earth and doesn't share them with his poor brothers during his lifetime and thereby refresh their hearts, but rather does not do that until his journey ends on this earth, that one will be considered a cheapskate, and his legacy will never benefit him anymore!

7. Whoever has children on this earth and only cares for their provision, so that after the parents death, the children may live independently as rich people in the world and make a good wedding - truly, truly, as many pennies, as their father and mother saved up for their children via the anyway unjust capital, just as many years they will be held in the above described night, poverty and cold in the beyond, and they will not be lifted out of it for as long as not some last descendant of their lineage will carry the beggar's staff!

8. If said spirit would have made an 'unjust steward' against his foolish wife during his lifetime, and had been busy with that great fortune for the poor and not for his foolish wife and for his children, he would now be better off. For that reason he became that rich woman's husband, that he should use her wealth for heaven. But he forgot Me and worked only for his wife! - Therefore he is now looking for help there, for whom he had worked! - But he never worked for Me, since he only was an adversary to Me. That's why he does not recognize Me and also not seek help from Me, though I am the only One, who can help him.

9. How difficult would it be for a rich one to use 2/3 of his income to give a dowry to the children of poor parents, so they too could get married and would not be relinquished to fornication by the time of their fleshly maturity and distress? - Truly, whoever could easily do that, would cultivate subordinates for heaven, which would yield a much better life harvest, than if his only care in the world is, that his children become owners of a dominion and, because of that become proud and unruly people, who do not want to be punished by My spirit, who ever so gently admonishes and gives life to every creature!

10. This is My advice! - But everyone may do, what they want! In a short while, they will for sure behold the fruit, which their works will offer them in the beyond!

11. But I say to every rich one on this earth... You can try it out on yourself, what you will reap in the beyond! Look, if you give alms pennywise, then that does not hurt you, and you don't pay attention to it. But if you are asked for dollars (guilders), you inspect the beggar already much closer and you do not rarely pout about it! But if someone would say to you... 'Friend, brother! You are rich, give me 1000, 2000 or 6000 dollars (guilders), for I have an urgent need for that which is dispensable for you' - what kind of answer would such a cheeky beggar then receive?!

12. But I say... With the measure, with which you measure, with the same measure you will be measured as well! - Even if you pray... 'Give me Your Kingdom! Give Me the bread of life! etc.' - Thus I will still listen to you as a rich man in the same manner, as you listened to the cheeky 1000 dollar beggar! For I think, My kingdom and My bread should surely be worth more than even many a thousand dollars?!

13. Thus, as long as someone is still her on earth, he can help himself through his wealth, if he uses it according to My Will. But once he is on the other side (in the beyond), it won't be of any use to him anymore, even if millions would be donated in his name. For every single human being will find his very own judgment, according to his own works, and not according to the works of others!

14. However, I do not need your sacrifices, but you need them! Therefore sacrifice, as long as you can sacrifice! For above the grave there are no sacrificial altars anymore!

15. However, the poor are the altars of sacrifice! Thereupon place abundant burnt offerings of your love, whereby you will prepare treasures for yourself in heaven!

16. So, do not ask anymore how this deceased one could be helped? - For nobody can help him, except I alone, when it is time for it. And it should be far from you, wanting to move Me to have compassion, as if you were more compassionate than I am!

17. However, everyone shall sweep before his own door and care for his own eye, then it will not be necessary for him to seek after vain help from the people of the world, but rather he will find such help in abundance with Me for eternity! Amen. - This speaks the eternally Truthful One. Amen, amen.

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