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A Woman clothed with the Sun - December 21st 1846

Explanation reg. The Book of Revelation 12:1-2 & 5

A large sign appeared in the heavens... A woman, clothed with the sun, beneath her feet was the moon, and atop her head a crown of twelve stars. And she was pregnant, screaming in labor pains, and she was suffering the contractions of childbirth. - And she bore a child, a son, who would rule all peoples with his iron scepter, and her child was raptured up to God, and to his throne.

The Lord says:

1. Dear friends, do you not understand something as clear and simple as this, something that concerns you so closely, and is now already displayed before your eyes ever so clearly! Where is your spirit, and where is your mind? Where is it riveted on?!

2. When somebody asks during the night… “Where is the sun now?”, then this might be acceptable. But listen, to ask about the position of the sun during the day, doesn't that mean to be blind, or at least deliberately covering one's eyes in order to play “blind mouse” with the position of the sun.

3. Who might that “woman” - who appears in the heavens, clothed with the sun - possibly be? - The “woman” is the noble image of a human being without procreativeness, but well able to conceive. As such, this woman is a complete proportion of man, thus not a travesty, and not a disproportion of man.

4. In the same way is My teaching, which appears for sure in the most perfect heavens as well, because it comes forth in and from Me, equal to the woman, a perfect proportion of the spiritual man, indeed not procreative of itself, but man becomes receptive through it for everything, that is loving, kind and good, which is the pure and heavenly love of God, as the eternal spiritual life out of Me. The spiritual life of the divine love is the “child”, with which My teaching is fertilized in the heart of man.

5. For sure, we are only talking about My pure teaching here, equal to a perfect heavenly woman - thus not of some heresy and also not of a monkey woman. That this perfect woman, or My pure teaching, surely is clothed with the “sun”, or with My light of all lights, because it originates from Me, this is certainly self explanatory and quite natural!

6. However, because this perfect heavenly woman, or My pure teaching, is only able to absorb the heavenly love coming from Me, thus she kicked the “moon” - which is the fickle symbol of self-love or worldly love - with her feet, since this is the complete opposite polarity to her pure heavenly being - just to speak to you a little scholarly.

7. And thus, she is also adorned with “twelve stars”, or with the 10 commandments of Moses, and at the top with the 2 commandments of love (love for God and brotherly love) - but most certainly not with the twelve apostles and neither with the twelve tribes of Israel, but as said, she is adorned with the twelve commandments of eternal life.

8. The “woman”, or the operative teaching in man, coming from Me, becomes and is already “pregnant”. - With what? - Have you never heard anything about rebirth?! Does it not say there… “Whoever is not reborn out of the spirit, that one will never enter the kingdom of God!”?

9. Look, the “child” with which the woman is pregnant, is the pure love of God, which hurts the outer man very much on account of the manifold self-abnegation, until this divine love in the spirit of man comes to maturity for the glorious rebirth to the eternal life.

10. The child is a “boy”! - Why not a girl, a woman in the making? - Because in this love, like in the man and not in the woman, does and must lie the fertile procreativeness.

11. This child, or the love of God, born from My teaching in the spirit of man, will then subdue with an “iron scepter” or with the indomitable power of God “all peoples” or all the demands and sensual passions of the world - and as the life out of Me, it will thereby translate the spirit of man and all his inclinations onto Me, and he will draw his bliss at My “throne”, which is the true wisdom out of Me forever!

12. Behold, this is the easy to grasp meaning of these verses! - So, everything has to be considered and understood in this one true light, otherwise it is a twilight, which will, in time, mislead every leader into the dark swamps and mires.

13. These things shall be well remembered and understood! Amen.

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