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Blessed are Those, who read and hear - February 22, 1842

The Writer is Marie H. Marie H. asks concerning the Book of Revelation of John, Chapter 1, Verse 3... 'Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and guard what is written in it, for the time is near.'

Wilhelmine H. asks about John Chapter 7, Verse 29... 'I know Him, because I am from Him, and He sent Me.'

Pauline H. asks about John 6:48... 'I am the Bread of Life!'

Julie H. asks about John 8:1... 'And Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.'

The Lord spoke through his servant the following concerning this...

1. Regarding these 4 verses, they have all been taken from John, from various chapters of the Gospel as well as from one chapter of the book of revelation. Will this little mess in the choice of these verses not present a little problem, in order to connect them in a way, as if they had always been connected already?

2. So let's see, how this not quite indifferent matter can be handled. - However, that this matter is not indifferent, you will easily and clearly see in the course of the following presentation.

3. 'Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and guard what is written in it, for the time is near.' - This is the first verse from the book of revelation from John.

4. What is meant with the word 'blessed'? - See, My dear little children, this time I will dismantle and explain the meaning of this like a good teacher would, in all shortness, so that you will have no problem understanding it!

5. The word 'blessed' means as much as... 'Alive through the Love'. - With 'whoever reads' is meant... Someone, who absorbs the word into his heart. - And 'hear the words of this prophecy' means as much as... A man, which after absorbing the word into his heart, translates it into action by living according to it.

6. So, when someone reads and hears the word of the prophecy, this one truly guards within him what is written therein, in a living manner. And he also is the one, for whom 'the time has come near'.

7. Now, what actually is this 'time'? - Do you think, this 'time' is the Last Judgment? - Oh my dear ones, that is most definitely not the case here! For the mentioned 'near time' has nothing to do with a time of doom, but actually is a time of resurrection. And thus, this time only applies to the one, who absorbs the word and lives by it - but not to the one, who doesn't even know the word, and also does not want to recognize it.

8. Whoever does not carry the word in an active way within, in the already mentioned way, this one is already dead. But what do the dead have to do with the time? When is morning, noon, evening and midnight for a dead tree stump? When is the time close and when far? With this you can clearly see, that the mentioned 'near time' is not a time of the dead, but a time of the Living.

9. If you inspect that, which was already given, only a little bit closer, you will soon be able to exclaim with Me, like it is written in the Gospel of John... 'We know Him!' - Namely, in the word. For this originates from Him, and is the holy I within each living human being and is sent from the Father as a true word of life!

10. So whoever has this 'Bread of Life' within themselves, which is the living Word out of Me, this one is also equal to a living 'Mount of Olives', into which Jesus or the eternal Love of the Father has passed over.

11. For every man resembles a mountain of the earth, and thus is either a glacier, or a bald, stony mountain, or an alp scarcely overgrown with moss, or an active forest mountain, or a low mount of ore, or a vineyard, or finally - but quite more rare - a Mount of Olives.

12. So, how man can become such a Mount of Olives, is shown in the first verse of this teaching... 'Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and guard, what is written in it, for the time of the Mount of Olives has come near to him.' - And even more blessed will the inner Mount of Olives of life be, if Jesus will come and walk upon it.

13. Now look, My dear little children, with this we have brought all 4 verses happily together under one roof! Except for the Mount of Olives within you, everything is quite clear to you. But I do not want to keep anything from you, and so know, that the 'Mount of Olives' is the true humility, meekness, and the most willing serenity and complete self-abnegation, all of which is the 'oil of life'. From there originates the name of that mountain, and finally becomes synonymous with its fruit.

14. And that the 'Mount of Olives' is also synonymous with the pure love and the ultimate eternal life out of it (if Jesus is present at the Mount of Olives), is almost needless to mention, since it has already been shown in abundance, what the love is all about and what it all contains.

15. And thus, I do not need to give you any further explanations, except to tell you... Full of love is the first verse, and the second and the third and the fourth. And so, if you have the love, you have everything!

16. Yes, many things, you will not be able to arrange in a proper order on the way of wisdom - but under the regiment of love, all things are well in order, so much so that the number 1000 will not be more distant from the number 1, than the number 2 is. - Does the wisdom not seek after some hierarchy, and did it not also invent the number system?! But which hierarchy does the true love take into account, and which sole number belongs to it? - Look, for the love, everything is one!

17. If you would take a rock that has been situated atop a mountain for thousands of years, and would take it to the top of another mountain, wouldn't it rest just as well there as it did in its previous location? Look, in the same way, everything within the love is in its 'proper place' and in the 'correct order'. A pile of sand, which the four winds have carried together, would be exactly as perfect on the field of love, as if a wise builder would have built it up grain by grain. And in the same way, a droplet from the southern sea fits completely to a droplet from the northern sea, so that it could be the first, or the thousandth or even the eons.

18. And in the same way it behaves with every single word, verse and chapter of the Holy Scriptures, because in the love, everything relates in a well-ordered manner here as well, criss-cross, up and down, to and fro, back and forth, and even upside down, so that never ever can be thought of any disarray or contradiction in it.

19. And so hold onto the love in everything - then you will surely find the life, so that it would be rather possible, to lose sight of the location of the sun with open eyes on the brightest day, than to miss the eternal order and with it the eternal life on the path of love!

20. My beloved little children, consider all of this well and cherish it in your heart, in a living manner. In this way, you will for sure also find Me and the eternal life, a thousand times more certain, than you are able to find each part of your body with your hand, even though it is blind!

21. So then, to say it once again... In everything, hold onto the love, then you have Me and the eternal life! - Amen.

22. My love, My grace, My mercy and My blessing be with you all! Amen.

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