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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


A false national Leader - June 7th, 1847

1. Look, you My servant, that is, how the earth rewards those spirits, who put the gospel into matter, and seek their salvation in it, and then impose such a delusional salvation upon their fellow men under manifold burdens, which they only put upon their own backs, if they bring with it a great honor or gold profit, or if such burdens are tied to their neck by some mightier court, just as the yoke to the ox.

2. What does this man - whose name is spoken of much more extensively than Mine throughout the earth - now have from all his earthly fame, which he had craved for, and what of his great material riches, which he had acquired in profuse abundance, just like Solomon?! What does he now have from all his lofty and boastful speeches, and what from his ultramondane and blackest Jesuit spirit, as it is now, and with only a few exceptions, always was?!

3. Nothing but the reward of the earth, which consists thereof, that the name will appear in the newspapers a few times, to the annoyance of some readers. If this does not bring any profit to the newspaper writers anymore, it will still appear in several biographies that are already being read very sparsely. After that, the historians will give him a place in their history books, and some sculptor will chisel and set up a pagan monument for the dear money, while his heart in a golden vessel in Rome will turn to dust, and the rest of his body to ashes in Ireland!

4. The most extraordinary thing that may happen to him after several years is, that he will be canonized by Rome, and that his name will then appear in some litany for Ireland and is called upon with the old, worthless formula by the mouth of the blind ones: "Saint O'Connell, pray for us!"

5. But that is pretty much the greatest earthly reward one can get - and only so far and no further! - For what will happen with such earthly-jesuit "great spirits" in the realm of true, living spirits, can easily be deduced by those, who are only a little experienced in a higher spiritual light.

6. I want to show this to you with a very simple and comprehensible analysis. And so listen! This man wanted, out of sheer, secret imperiousness, separate Ireland from the now legitimate rule of England, and then control it in the interest of the Jesuits. - Question: How much life for the spirit is contained in imperiousness!

7. This man was very rich in money and property and did not even in the time of distress do what I demanded of the rich young ruler. But what did I say to the apostles, when the rich man went his way crying, because I required the distribution of his goods among the poor, and in turn offered him the treasure of eternal life in heaven? I think, the parable of the camel and the needle's eye is known to you!

8. The man (O'Connell) strove for the greatest worldly reputation, which was also granted to him with a great abundance. But what does that mean to Me, what the world considers as being great?

9. The Scriptures say: "Whoever wants to be the first among you, let him be the last of you and be your servant!" - Has this man been such a person, he, who wanted to crush the whole English parliament like a mosquito with his wisdom, and at every opportunity he strongly annotated, how he only needs to wave with his hand, and millions would submit to his call, with their blood and life?! Truly, such assertions certainly show very little humility, and without humility no one can attain eternal life!

10. If the man would have had no light, it would not be so bad for him. But he had light, but he turned his face voluntarily towards the darkness, only to fortify his greatness in the world. - Question: How much of eternal life is contained therein?!

11. Of course, many things are possible with Me that cannot be thought of as possible with men. But besides that, the saying remains eternal, according to which it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for such a brilliant advocate to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

12. However, this is not pronounced as a judgment by Me, according to which this man would have to be lost; but let it be shown to you and your friends how My Word continually remains the same in its demand and effect, and how it judges the man within himself who knows it and does not obey!

13. If this man had preached love for God and for one's neighbor, correct submission and fullest humility towards the legitimate worldly authority, whether it be good or evil, and if he had taught the people to trust in Me alone and showed them, how one must pick up the cross and follow Me to attain eternal life - his name would be written with big, glossy letters in the book of life. - But now he is often depicted in black on white in the writings of the world, but there is very little to see of him in the book of life!

14. It is certain, that whether the 'repeal tax' nor the big 'meetings and feastings' are mentioned in the Bible with one Jota - except for the gluttony of the rich wastrel and its very dire consequences in the beyond! - That's why, as many as have been unnecessarily reveling at the many 'meetings' together with their worldly apostle of liberty, now must die through starving. - Each ever so great prank is followed closely by the punishment. This Irish One however was one of the grooviest ones - therefore the sharp rod could not stay behind for long!

15. But I always act in the same manner. If I seem the farthest away, I am the closest, either rewarding or punitive! And if anyone thinks himself to be safe, he will be seized by Me, either for a reward or a punishment!

16. Woe to the one, who has (goods or wealth) like this man, and remains silent in his heart concerning the distress of his neighbor, and in the end makes himself physically and spiritually scarce! - Oh, he will not escape from Me - we will meet in just the right place!

17. And this I assure to you forever: I will not hurt Myself, when I will bump into him - but he will be crushed miserably! Because everything hard, big and heavy will also have to suffer a hard, big and heavy impact - in time as in eternity. Amen.

18. This say I to you, the one, who holds the sword and the reward in His Right Hand. Amen.

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