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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


Ecclesial Mysteries & Ceremonies - July 9th, 1847

Oh Lord, what actually are these 'secrets', which especially our roman church is packed to the brim with and whereupon it is quite proud and it builds its main attraction upon it, so to speak? - If it were your most Holy Will, give us some hints about it!

The Lord says:

1. 'Secrets' (mysteries) are nothing else but night and darkness in exactly those things that are viewed as secrets, and thus the ecclesial 'mysteries' are an utter blindness of the soul and a complete death of the spirit.

2. And the 'mysteries' are also a malice! For people enshroud usually those things in secrets, with which they not dare to step out into the light, because the others then would spot the fraud, and desire to take vengeance on the deceivers - which has happened quite often already! - Every fraud however is a most grave sin, and as such a great malice. And so a 'secret', which is nothing else but a deceit, is pure evil as well.

3. Furthermore, a 'mystery' is a murderer and cudgel too! For nothing kills the spirit as much as the 'mysteries' themselves. - Therefore they are also spiritual robbers, murderers and killers. For man is more courageous with everything else than with a mystery - and for this reason superstition was spread so far and wide in the earlier times, because nobody was brave enough to take a look behind the eyelid of Moses, to convince oneself of what actually lies behind it! Everyone viewed the 'mysteries' as completely inexplorable, and left it at that, because, in the end, they were not only afraid of the secret itself, but of its unveiling as well, and they still are.

4. Every secret however gives birth to another one, and the other one to a third, and so on, until finally everything becomes a 'secret', the whole life along with the death. In order to completely kill all of humanity spiritually, one has only to drive them into as many huge secrets as possible, this way, your success is certain; of course from the perspective of hell.

5. But it is profitable to go robbing during the night; it's good to fish in muddy waters. The blind ones let themselves be guided easily. And the dead can be carried altogether, wherever you want, and on top of that you can boil and roast them, and they won't move a muscle. Therefore, there is no better means than many great 'mysteries', and a nation has been defeated for a thousand years and it does not stand up and fight.

6. Such 'secrets' may therefore only be accompanied by some playful miracles, with great pomp and shining ceremony, as well as with lots of smoke and terrible histories, then they have tremendous power, which not even the most spirited people are able to resist.

7. Yes, there the tribulation is so strong that even the chosen ones could be harmed, if they would be led to their specific territory without My special assistance. And because of that, now all Christians, amongst which 'secrets' prevail, they walk in utter death, what life after the body's death is concerned. For they know nothing about it and they only believe about as much as a lottery player believes in winning the lottery, which might come to pass but most likely doesn't.

8. But how much is such a cursed faith worth? - I say... It isn't even worth to laugh or hiss at it! - For it cannot save anyone from death. For this reason will all such weak believers die off, as if they had never existed, and become specters and phantoms of the spirit world, who even lack the ability to utter My Name - which all in all is a fruit of the 'mysteries'!

9. What God, what I, Jesus, what the Holy Spirit, what the Holy Trinity is, what the communion, what the word of God is - of these things, they know just about as much as the next best rock! - They may worship God, but a God that does not exist anywhere. The Father however, who should be their universally known and omnipresent educator, without whom no one can receive the eternal life - He is a most mysterious and, as such, most distant and also a completely nonexistent Being! - Question... How can there ever a love be awakened for such a Father, on which everything depends in regards to eternal life?!

10. There may exist secrets for laymen - as for students, as long as they are still in school and have to learn. But with people, with real people, no such secrets shall exist! For you know now, that the proper spirit of God, if He is within man, also reaches into My Depths, as My Paul did teach it out of Me.

11. Away therefore with all these 'mysteries'! - They belong to the dark world!

12. But in your hearts, let there be day! - For that reason I let so much light shine upon you, so you may be freed from the harsh captivity of the 'mysteries' for all eternity! Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 2 HG2-167 Entry