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The Trinity - April 27th, 1842

It is written: "Whoever sees Me, sees the Father also!" (John 14,9). - In Mark (13,32) it says: "But concerning that day and the hour no one knows; not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." - How can these two passages be brought into agreement? - And doesn't it also say: "The Father is greater than I."

The Lord says:

1. That is a good request to Me; but those, who asked this, should have tried very hard beforehand to consider this through the main key of love, and thereby see, experience and measure, how deep they have pressed into their inner being already. - But there are still a thousand spots which they still do not recognize down to the bedrock of the spirit, and so there still remains enough work for them!

2. As for the present passages, listen and look with an open heart into the sacred depth of My Love within you! - Because thus says the light of love:

3. The "Father" is the purest "Eternal Love in God" or the "Eternal intrinsic Word" within Himself. - But the "Son" is the spoken Word of the Father, or the Father revealing Himself intrinsically in the Son. Both behave like a thought and a pronounced word, since the thought is the base or the "Father" of the pronounced word, but the pronounced word is nothing else than the manifesting thought or the "Father" of the word itself.

4. If you now understand this, it must be clear to you that whoever sees and hears the Son, must necessarily, also see and hear the Father, and that therefore Father and Son are one and the same, just like the thought and the subsequently spoken word - and that the Father is in the Son, and the Son in the Father, like the thought in the spoken word and the spoken word in the thought.

5. Therefore you also must understand why the Father is more than the Word or the Son. The word would be a complete impossibility without the Father or the preceding thought! So the Father, as the eternal begetter of the Word is more than the begotten Word. But once the Word is begotten, then it is completely identical with the Father!

6. And if you understand all of this, I think it should be almost unnecessary to further elucidate why (in Mark 13:32) "nobody" knows anything about the day and hour of the coming great judgment upon the whole earth, spiritually taken, except the Father - and not "the Son" also. If you have only a little mustard seed of intellect in your heart (not in the brain of the head), you have to immediately realize that the science of the thought makes itself known through the word - but is the word the science itself? - Therefore, like everything else, only the Father can know all of this, but not the son, who is like the tongue in the Father's mouth.

7. In order for you to have a full vision of Father, Son and Spirit, know this:

8. The Godman Jesus was intrinsically the Father Himself, or the Eternal Love and Wisdom clothing Himself with human flesh - or the fullness of the Godhead incarnate.

9. The pronounced "Word" of the Godman Jesus or His doctrine is the "Son".

10. But since the Father knew from eternity what He will do, so the Godman Jesus was therefore also eternally "in the Father" already, but manifested Himself as "Godman" only then physically, when the Father expressed Himself overtly!

11. Tell Me, do you not yet comprehend, how the Son and the Father are one and the same? - But if you still have scruples, look at the spirit, for He must guide you into all truth!

12. For the same spirit that was eternally in the Father (who is the eternal basic thought or the eternal purest love itself) - is for sure also in the Father's spoken "Words". But where there is one spirit, there also will be one and the same being! If it were not so, how had the Godman Jesus been able to say of Himself... "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life! No one comes to the Father except through Me!"(John 14:6) - which means as much as... I am the Love or the Father, and the eternal Wisdom or God Himself, or the Spirit and the spoken Word, or the eternal Life itself, in which the complete Fullness of the Godhead dwells!

13. But since it is this way, tell Me, in what other way can someone get to the Father, if he does not let himself be grasped and drawn by Him, which is why man has the freedom of his own will!?

14. So, whoever receives the spoken Word of the Father actively and in a living manner, that one then also receives the Son. But whoever has received the Son, this one will also take in the Father, since the Son and the Father are one and the same!

15. But he, who has accepted the Son and the Father within himself, will for sure also have the "Spirit" or the "Light" within himself, which is the same as in the Father and also in the Son, and will by this Spirit be "in all truth”, and this for the very simple reason, that there is no other Light besides this one, and all Light therefore originates from this only Light. - Whoever is in the Light is also in the Father through the Son.

16. But since the Father is the primordial Love Life, and all Light emanates from this Life, man will surely also have eternal life, if he is within it and the same in him through the Son, the Spirit and the Father!?

17. But I mean, if you are not even more blind than the center of the earth, this should be enough for you to understand, that whoever sees in the spirit of Jesus, will no longer need a lens tube to behold the Father as well!

18. But the reason, that you do not understand this, when you read it, is only due to your material-pagan triple godhood, which was concocted at Nicaea and later became more and more materialized, even up to statuary art, so that you are not able to separate yourself from it. Therefore you must now die to all previous (delusional) light, if you want to get to the pure and spiritual light from Me!

19. Understand this and act accordingly, then you will soon and easily get to Me, your holy Father! - Amen.

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