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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


The wise Care for Souls - May 27th, 1842

(Jakob Lorber) 'Beloved Father in Jesus, our Lord, don't you wish to give me a short and for you pleasing word to one of Ans. H. W. daughters, whose name day is tomorrow? – I don't know for sure, if she has a vivid desire to receive such a word. But if she did, and I wouldn’t bring her anything from You, she might just think I didn’t actually want to bring her a word from You, as a result of an apparent grudge against her, because of her occasional, repulsive behavior towards me. Therefore, if it is your Holy Will, dear Father, I am certainly willing to write something down for her!'

Upon this request, the servant Jakob Lorber received the following words from the Father…

1. Has this heavily extroverted child actually asked this of you? – You say… 'No, not exactly!' – And if you were to ask Me, if she actually asked this of Me in secret and in all love and confidence – see, I couldn’t give you any other answer than the one you just gave to Me.

2. So, what are we going to do here, if no living desire exists? – Should we perhaps throw the living word after such children? Or should we just fatten them with it, like the farm woman fattens her capons?

3. Oh no, we won’t do that! Do you understand why?! – Because if we were to do so, the value of this most delightful gift would plummet drastically, just like a bad paper currency!

4. Look, that is why we won’t do that, until we are asked for it in a most living manner!

5. This girl has filled her heart with an assortment of thoughts about young men and marriage, and she lets her eyes as well as her heart jovially jump around everywhere, to see, if there is someone who greets her from afar. – You see, with such a heart and eye activity, the two of us are barely noticed!

6. Do you know what this girl would like the most right now? – You see, if I were to give her, instead of a living word, a young, beautiful and rich bridegroom – that would be much more to her liking than you, me, and an entire book full of the most living words!

7. This, however, I am only telling you, so that you may realize upon what the hearts of those are focused, who also may call upon Me, and sometimes even sigh to Me, like lovers. But of course not because they prefer Me over the world, but rather that I may become smoother to grant them as soon as possible, whatever their heart thirsts for!

8. Such individuals care very little about the heaven I wish to give them. But rather they only want the heaven they created for themselves from their own desires!

9. Just look, how much better I know man than you do! – Behold, the farmer prays to Me for rain, when the land is dry, but when it rains too much, he in turn prays for sunshine! – A merchant prays so that he might be able to buy cheap, but sell at exorbitant prices. – A usurer establishes a foundation, so that meager years can come anytime. – A lottery player prays until his tongue is sore, just to score a hit. – A girl diligently visits church, but dresses as if she was going to a theatre – why is that? – Maybe out of love for Me? Oh no! – Rather, she uses this seemingly devout opportunity to bump into someone she would rather see than Me, or maybe even to request a spouse as soon as possible!

10. And so you see, I’m worshiped as a means to an end, but not as the purpose itself! Man turns to Me for the sake of the world, but not for My own sake!

11. But I tell you, this kind of love will surely bring only little to no joy to the both of us! – Or would it serve you well, if some girl would be nice to you, just so she could win someone else for her heart through you? What would you do with such a 'beloved'?

12. Wouldn’t you be telling her… 'Listen, you deaf and wanton coaxer! Whoever you carry in your heart, turn yourself directly to him! The one you love will surely be closer to you than I am?! Therefore, leave me unscathed until you wish to come closer to me, with the love you have for me!'

13. Look, this is how I answer too! – I won't allow Myself to be used as a negotiator! – Whoever loves Me must do so for My own sake, but not for worldly benefits – and in turn I will give My love to him, which is the true, eternal life. And all that is Mine shall be his as well.

14. However, the one who seeks Me only for worldly gains – truly, such a one is worse and more maddening to Me than the one who never sought Me, in one way or the other. Such freeloaders can stay away from Me at all times; for they disgust Me!

15. Behold, for this reason I cannot answer your request today! – Leave your girl alone, until her heart takes another direction! Then she may receive something from Me – but not in the current state! – I do wish to be generous, but only at the right time and the right place!

16. However, tell J. Martha and the more worldy minded P. H. that I do indeed care deeply for their salvation, and that they should take My Love for them also very seriously. May this one be blessed, and the other one gently admonished! - Amen.

17. This say I, the one whom you asked – since I know man better than you do! – Understand this well! – Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 2 HG2-37 Entry