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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


The Gifts of the Spirit - May 31st, 1842

"Lord Jesus! You dear and holy Father! Don't you want to tell me, what the vision of J. V. means, who is a fire guardian at the castle mountain? - Was it You, who appeared to him a few times, stepping out of a white cloud? What shall I think of this? - And are similar phenomenons always a condtion of a complete rebirth? - Dear holy Father, if it is Your holy will, would you please give us a few words about this? But only Your holy will be done, always! Amen."

The following answer has been given to the servant Jakob Lorber upon this request:

1. Look, regarding your still a little blind question, all human beings are equipped with all kinds of different capabilities and talents. One has the gift of advice, another has the gift of intellect, another the gift of languages, again another the gift of prophecy, another the gift of visions. And again another has the gift of perception, what you call intuition, and again another has the gift of hearing. Some have the gift of smell, some the gift of taste. And between all of these are countless gradations and mixtures. Some have the gift of willpower, some others have a power in their eyes. And so, one has a special ability here and another one has a special distinction there.

2. Through the true humility and love for Me, everyone can increase their inherited talent up to the perfect spiritual life! - However, because of that, no one is better than the other, but rather, it is given so that he can and should serve his brothers with his special gift in all love - that's why something special is given to everyone!

3. For if everyone had received the exact same thing, and all would be equally equipped, would a brother go to another and ask for his service? - Think about it! - Oh look, in this case, no one would do that; for he would already be equipped with what he needs!

4. But according to My love, no creature in the entire infinity is perfectly equipped with all talents, so, the lack of one or the other talent is the most beautiful and lasting bond of mutual love, by which one brother becomes indispensible to the other and he will have to snuggle to him, so he may be able to utilize his brother's talent.

5. Therefore, the visions of the devout man, about whom you posed your question, can be in good order just as your hearing is in good order for you!

6. But no one is completely excluded from one or the other talent, but rather the actual difference consists in the dominance of one or the other talent with one or the other person. - But when man passes over into the spiritual life, then the preeminent talent will be awakened first.

7. And thus, neither the ability to see a vision, nor any other thing is absolutely necessary for the complete rebirth; but rather only humility and love. Everything else is only a result of that and always complies with the original possession of any talent.

8. You should be able to grasp such things out of yourself by now. - The visions of J. V. are therefore correct, even though some impure things cling to it.

9. But you stay with the word! For therein resides the clearest vision! - For that reason, it is the source of all light and all vision! - Understand this well! - Amen.

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