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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


Encouragement for the Servant - June 7th, 1842

Request of the servant… 'Oh, You my most dearly beloved Lord and Father, Jesus, You most holy, most affectionate God from eternity to eternity, You all-merciful counselor in every need! – You see, that my heart is troubled by many occurrences, and you know them. For that reason it won’t be necessary to describe or write them down for You, most holy father. – Please give me a consolation, so that on account of such blows upon my truly poor heart, I may not become incapable to fulfill the business of the spirit, that you have entrusted to me, and thru such inability even lose, what You have so mercifully entrusted to a poor sinner like me! – Oh You holy, dear and good father, have mercy on me and free me from this affliction of my heart! – Your will be done! – Amen.'

1. Yes, yes, I know all too well what is bothering you. – However, for such a case, remember this: Wherever you cannot change anything, because of the freedom of will and freedom of knowledge bestowed upon every human being, there you can save yourself all efforts and works in the future! For you will not ever be able to reawaken to life a from the center completely rotten tree, even if you were to water it eagerly every single day.

2. Therefore, don’t concern yourself with the things that come out of the mouths of such impure human spirits, which lust only after the things of the world! Let them draw upon the treasury of their worldly prudence, which originates in the world and belongs solely to the world! Let them speak and exercise their highly praised monetary virtues! Let such worldly wise talk black and white, and let even My old word as well as every new word be an utter folly to them! Look, we have to at least grant them this miserable and short-lived bliss for their money virtues, because they also terminate everything with the only true life in this world!

3. Behold, these utter materialists are the most lukewarm spirit men of all! Yes, they are as indolent as matter itself, to which they cling – which is why they cannot raise themselves above the dead nature of their own matter, nor any other matter.

4. Since matter is something firm and the only thing comprehensible for them, their spirit eventually passes over into it as well, completely surrendering to matter and basing all of its thoughts upon it, for as long as a spark of life glows within it. For this very reason, all spiritual things are nothing but utter folly to them.

5. But since the spirit is fully encapsulated in its matter, it may very well happen that it starts quipping and speaking shrewdly from within its matter, this form of speech being chock-full with worldly prudence. – Now, however, comes the great 'but'! Now you shall hear something completely new!

6. But when the matter of such people has consumed their spirits in this way, like a wick consumes the oil in the lamp (upon which the faint flame finally goes out) – in the same way their spirit will go out as well, forever. Behold, these are exactly those human larvae that are neither cold nor warm, but lukewarm – meaning, they are neither good nor bad, but dead like the matter itself. And because of this, I will spit them out – or in other words... They will eternally cease to be, after this life. Because they are just as incapable to be invigorated by chastisement as a dead stone is. As such, they are also not decomposable.

7. But where life is no longer conceivable, where should a reward go, which is the eternal life itself?! – As the saying goes, it’s much easier for a camel to traverse the eye of a needle, than for a rich and spiritually dead person to pass over into life! – Truly, I say to you: If the rich one will not do as I advised the rich young ruler, he will not receive life.

8. But whoever will say... 'I’m saving for my children, so I may provide for them and eventually make them independent.' – We also do not want to begrudge his joy and we will let him prepare the eternal grave for his children as well, undisturbed. – Do you think I care for such people? – I tell you... A rotten apple has a higher standing with Me than such people!

9. In light of this, you don’t need to grieve, nor do you need to worry, rather, joyfully grant them this short bliss, just as I do. – For if they despise the old gospel and consider Me a 'poor fellow', they will do the same thing with you, because you bear witness to Me, and only to Me, the scorned and derided one, the one who was crucified.

10. But I tell you... If your word would be applauded by the world, it would not be from Me! But the contempt of the world is always the greatest testimony of that originating from Me.

11. So, whoever reviles you and flees from you, reviles and flees from Me as well! For whatever comes forth from you, that also comes forth from Me. – So be cheerful! – Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 2 HG2-39 Entry