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Heavenly Gifts Volume 2


The Lord as testing Bride - January 1st, 1843

The Lord says:

1. "Seek, and you shall find, ask, and you shall receive, knock, and the door shall be opened for you!" - Or... "Pray without ceasing" - which means, keep your hearts always and completely with Me, and not always half of it also with the world, thus you will soon and easily find, what you seek und soon receive, what you ask for and the Gates of Life will be opened for you without any further delay.

2. But if one is conditioned to only seek in the 'wall', which is studded with all sorts of heathen carvings and paintings, and if one only pleads in front of statues and prays in front of baked breads and knocks at the stones, truly, such a one will find little, and receive even less, and the stones will not turn towards him!

3. But if somebody were to say... "Lord, I have sought, prayed and knocked for quite some time now, and yet I could not find anything, nor have I ever received something in particular, and neither has something opened up in front of me!" - To him I say... Friend, what are you talking about?! - Hear and see, I want to show you some good illustrations, and these shall justify Me before you, so that you may not fret about My delay!

4. See, a bridegroom had a rich and most beautiful bride. The bride was acutely smart and said to herself... 'I know what I will do, so that it will be apparent, if my bridegroom is completely sincere with me. I will go on a trip, and he shall not know of my whereabouts. When I go on a trip, however, I will only do so for the sake of appearance, but in reality I will stay close to my bridegroom, so nothing will escape my eye and I will notice exactly, how his heart is constituted."

5. However, since the bride went on a trip, the bridegroom says to himself... 'See, my bride went on a trip and has commended me the faithfulness of my heart, and she has promised to return to me very soon. Only, instead of keeping her word, she writes one letter after another and she constantly reminds me to stay faithful, but she herself does not want to come. What does that mean? She always staves me off and says... 'I come, I come tomorrow' - and behold, she doesn't come! - What is it with her that she keeps on delaying?

6. The close by bride however, disguised as a servant of the bridegroom, says to him... 'My lord, please allow your servant to have a word with you, for I know exactly what makes your bride keep on delaying. See, your bride, who is closer to you than you think, constantly gets a hint, that you also have a thing with a harlot of sublime nature, and that you share your heart between the bride and the harlot. And that is why your bride went on a trip and now keeps on delaying. Let go of the harlot, and your bride will not delay any longer!'

7. Behold this illustration and contemplate it within you, and you will guess quite easily that in this example, you are the bridegrooms, and I am the bride, and the harlot is the world!

8. But I am telling you... The bride is disguised among you and watches every move of your heart, and she says to all of you now... 'Let go of the harlot completely, and the bride will no longer delay for those who have turned to her completely!'

9. Therefore seek, ask and knock, then the bride will be yours! - Seek, ask and knock... but in spirit and truth, and not in the wall, in the carvings and in the paintings or in the baked bread, but as said, in spirit and in truth within your heart, then you will find and receive, and the bride will open the door to her chamber!

10. This may be granted to all of you in this new year! Amen. This says the Bride! Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 2 HG2-66 Entry