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God's Patience and Forbearance & The Necessity of Free Will - July 23, 1843

Oh Lord and most holy Father! - Yesterday I learned through your and my friend A. H. -W., that a mother has brutally abused her child - and now I am considering, that such disgraceful cruelties are practiced with an even greater potency here and there.

Please tell me, if You, as the most just and almighty God of heaven and earth and of all people pay attention to such things or not?

For look, when one observes the huge and wrathful abominations of mankind, and how they can be practiced without any kind of punishment, one might come to the conclusion, at least with a semi-thought, that You do not intend to take care of mankind on earth any longer, whether in general nor in particular.

So therefore tell me, how are things with such disgusting occurrences? Do You notice them, or do You let everything go by blithely, no matter what happens? Or must it happen necessarily, and in such a way? - What should I think of this? - Oh Lord, and most loving and holy Father of all children of men on earth, please inform me about this adequately! - Your will be done! Amen.

The Lord says:

1. First I must tell you, that your question is completely redundant, and on top of that, very foolish, for if you have an inkling of a God of love, even if you don't yet completely trust and hope in Him and love Him, but already with such a hunch, such a foolish question should barely cross your mind, let alone in your condition, wherein you have been able to talk with Me already for more than 3 years in an unprecedented manner, every single second, just like you talk with man!

2. And secondly, I have shown and explained to you multiple times already the endless necessity of man's free will, and how the eternal life of the spirit solely depends on it, and that I, if I want to preserve it, rather have to die Myself, than to just slightly touch this free will with My Omnipotence. For the slightest touch of the freedom of man's will with My Will would instantly cost the life of every man!

3. All of that I have shown you how many times already? And yet you can ask Me - the One you should know by now - such foolish questions?!

4. Look at Loth's wife! She was smitten by the might of My Will, but what happened to her?! - During Noah's time My Will took hold of the earth. But whereto did that bring the population, and what did I have to subsequently do to give the dead and destroyed Ones their existence and life back again?! - Should I then let Myself be stricken dead again and again, whenever a sin of wrath by a man occurs, in order to provide them a new life?

5. But how do you love Me then, if you ask Me, why men can do evil in their freedom without getting punished - and you would rather have Me as a taskmaster than as an incredibly good Father - just to bring Me to the cross again?! - If you already have a just compassion with man, how come, that I don't deserve the same from you? Should I let Myself be crucified daily?!

6. If you happen to witness a foolish mother or unreasonable father abuse their child, you instantly become furious and want to be at odds with Me, the most loving Father, and say ever so boldly... 'But Lord, if you truly are a Lord, how can you even stand to look at such an atrocity?!' - But I say... Especially the nasty wife shall be a gospel to you! For it has outraged your temper, and you would have punished her with a hellish fire, meaning, to chastise her with an endlessly greater torment, than she chastised her child with!

7. But you don't take into consideration, that all people on earth are My children. And if you found the bad deeds of such a mother to be outraging, I really wouldn't want to look into your heart and know, what it would say to Me, if I would mercilessly beat My erring children in the same way, for each more or less significant transgression they commit?!

8. You want Me to make the people compassionate, but on the other hand, I should strike every single erring child dead immediately!? - Truly, with such notions of Me you can certainly stay at home in the future! - Do you think that I don't see the vices upon this earth? - Oh you fool!

9. I see them for sure; but it is not yet time to extinguish the sun in the sky because of it. It will be extinguished for everybody early enough!

10. However, everyone will find the reward for their work in the beyond, and on some very special occasions already here! - That is enough, and nothing more is needed!

11. Therefore, get to know Me better and don't force Me to become as you are; instead, be as I am, and as such you will be able to judge and punish in a wiser manner. Amen.

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