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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


About the Passing on of a Mother - November 30, 1848

... after the passing on of Elisabeth H. on November 29, 1848 - Thus says the Lord:

1. A consolation and revitalization for My children.

2. All of you, My dear children and babes, listen! For I, your Lord and loving Father, speak to you all who are now full of grief and anxiety within your troubled hearts, because I have taken your earthly mother to Myself for all eternity, and by that, I have forever redeemed her from her suffering, which she endured unwavering and very patiently, out of Love for Me.

3. But I say to you, do not weep and lament so much for the one who is eternally risen in Me, for she died with Me and in Me on the cross of great suffering according to the body - and in the same moment, as she visibly died for your eyes, according to the body, she arose in Me and at My side to the true, eternal life!

4. Her joy was without limit, when she saw Me by her side, and in such a garment, in which I was immediately recognizable for her - and all the more so, because I let her see My scars, which is only granted to those who leave their body in their utmost love for Me, having been tested through severe suffering. She was overly joyed and could not understand how she, since she had suffered so long, could all of a sudden have become so healthy. In the highest and most blissful ecstasy, she fell before My feet, and fervently thanked Me, that I have shown her such great mercy, and she begged Me to be My least handmaiden. But I said to her, as I now say it to you also:

5. "Not so, my dear daughter! I tell you, the handmaidens are those who are driven to Me through severe monastic discipline, and their faith and love for Me is a tough school. But you have freely chosen Me as the only desireable object of your heart, therefore you shall not be a handmaiden, but rather My true beloved daughter, and behold, all that I have, and all that is Mine, you too will have and it will be yours forever. You will not be separated from your loved ones on earth. Whatever your heart desires to do for them in My name, you will always be able to do for them in the fullest measure. For all My daughters are able to enjoy such power out of Me forever, in order for them to fulfill all the wishes of their most loving heart."

6. But she fervently begged Me, and said, "O You, my good and most holy Father Jesus! My God and my Lord! With all the strength of my heart I thank you for such a great grace; but I know that you want endlessly better things than me, for all of my loved ones, who were left behind. For I will not know and realize, what is good and useful for them. What You, my father Jesus, want, that is the best. Therefore, may only your most holy will be done, always and eternally! Now, O Lord and Holy Father Jesus, let me just love You more and more eternally, for I am now so unfathomably happy! Only one thing I ask of You, that You may take away the great sorrow from my loved ones, who were left behind and give them a steadfast and living faith instead, that they all may recognize You completely and love You above all else, in spirit and in truth! Oh, my dearest Father Jesus, do only this one thing for them according to your pleasure alone!"

7. I now hold her to My paternal heart and say to her: "My now forever-redeemed daughter! I will do, whatever you wish for all eternity, this I assure to you. But the fact that your loved ones, who were left behind, now mourn and weep for you, that is good too, because I give them tears to drain their grief. And even though it is hard for them now, because instead of letting you languish for a few more years on the now darkened earth, I have taken you to Myself completely, thus, it will soon become much easier for them, once they realize more clearly, how good you have it now. - But come now into My house immediately; there you will meet all those, who preceded you, and Mary, My Mother, will lead to you, along with your earthly mother, four fully grown and well raised children, with whom you will have much joy. They are the ones, who have begged Me the most to bring you to them soon, and so I did what I would have done normally in two years. They probably want to have all the others with them as well, but for now they are satisfied to have you finally here with them.

8. When I told them that I was going to pick you up, it was completely over with them. They all wanted to come with Me to pick you up, but at last they let themselves be appeased, since I assured them that I would certainly bring you with Me this time. You could have been helped for a few more earthly years, if everything would have been handled exactly the way I advised it through the servant and through the daughter Lori. But personally I prefer this as well, because otherwise, you would have had to endure a lot more pain on earth. Physically, you would have always remained infirm and weak, and your mind would not have experienced many cheerful hours anymore on the now most terrible world, that's why I think that it is better for you this way now."

9. She says: "Oh yes, oh yes, my dearest Father Jesus! Since I have You alone now, I ask for nothing more. I am really disgusted now when I behold the earth beneath me. O Jesus, I thank You that you have so gently freed me from my lousy flesh! Your holy will be done! "

10. Now I lead her to My house, and I do this so that you know, how your mother is doing, and that you may be comforted and strengthened in My name. This I say to you in the fullest truth. Amen, amen, amen.

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