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Peace of this World & Sword of Truth - March 21, 1864

The Lord says:

1. But now follows Chapter 10 (Matthew) with the verses 34, 35 and 36, where it says:

2. "Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring you the peace of this world, but a sword for the battle. For I have come to bring a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter in law against her mother in law. And the enemies of man will be his own cohabitants."

3. Those who take these 3 verses in their literal sense, which on top of that are poorly translated, will necessarily find themselves within a labyrinth of fallacies, of which they cannot escape even with the light of a central sun. As it is obvious from the previous teachings, I teach and desire all imaginable gentleness, peacefulness and kindness among people. And Moses himself teaches in his 4th commandment out of My Mouth... 'Honor, respect and love your father and mother, so you may have a long life and be well with you on earth."

4. How could I then establish a teaching, which contradicts this completely, according to which the son should live in continous strife with his father with the sword in his hand, the daughter with her mother, the daughter in law with her mother in law etc., and doing so, living under one and the same roof! -

5. To understand and honor these texts as My Teachings, which originally really came from Me, one has to first know, at which opportunity I uttered them and how, with a proper translation that is.

6. The occasion was this... I was some place in Galilee and taught the people about their responsibilities towards God and towards each other. And I said to them... "I teach you nothing else than what the Father has taught Me from eternity, of whom you indeed say, that He is Your Father. Even though, you do not recognize Him and you also never truly knew Him. For if you knew Him, you would also recognize Me, for this Father has sent Me to you."

7. They said... "What do You make of Yourself? Are we not children of Abraham, and did not God say to Abraham, that all of us, who are his descendants, would be His children?"

8. At this point I got annoyed and said... "You should, according to your descent of Abraham be children of God, but you have ceased to be just that, a long time ago. Rather your father is satan, your mother is the legion of all devils, and your daughter in laws mother is your immeasurable blindness, lethargy and malice. And these greatest enemies of man are your own cohabitants! - And those of you, who want to return to the true childship of God must grab hold of the sword of truth, which I am speaking to you, and fight against such cohabitants, until he has conquered them.”

9. Then, the small group of pharisees and scribes asked, how I would dare to declare them to be children of satan, of all the devils and of their own blindness, lethargy and malice, since all of them evidentially stemmed from the tribe of Levi!

10. But I said... "According to the flesh yes, but according to the spirit you don't resemble the Levi from above, from whence I came as well, but from below. And because of this you misjudge, hate and persecute Me."

11. Knowing this, it becomes evident to everyone, especially to those proficient and adept in the Hebrew Scriptures, that I uttered these 3 verses in the 10th chapter only during this occasion, which I have just mentioned to you, and which were written down by the pseudo evangelist Matthew, or better by the already introduced l'Rabbas in Sidon, and literally in the exact same way I just disclosed it to you again. For those verses of the translation from the evangelist, which you highlighted as completely contradictory to My spirit, would obviously completely knock out My main teaching of brotherly love, as well as the law of Moses.

12. Who among you, if he possesses only a spark of faith in Me and My teaching, could expect of Me, that I would today lay into the heart of all people, to love and recognize God above all else, and to love his brother as he loves himself, and then tomorrow I'd come with a completely different commandment and say... Hate and persecute each other, if possible with the sword in your hand. - I mean, it is obvious, that such a teacher from the land of barbarians should certainly be brought into a mental institution, since such a teacher would obviously belong into a madhouse.

13. And now that I have explained these texts to you in the proper and true spirit, you will surely realize, that by that I did not in the least contradict My Divine Wisdom, and therefore, I am also no maniac, as which many writers of the new era have declared Me to be. This however does not fill Me with any fury, instead, I forgive them, because they truly do not know what they are doing. And thus, enough for now about these questionable verses. Amen.

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