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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


Ark of Peace, spiritual Flood of Sins & The Spirit of Imperiousness - November 17, 1848

The Lord says:

1. Now, trust and look at nobody else but Me. This says the one who created, delivered and sanctified you through His word and His spirit!

2. A spiritual flood of sins moves across the earth, just as a material flood happened in the time of Noah, 4000 years ago. That one killed the flesh, and this one kills both, body and soul. This flood kills the soul through the spirit of imperiousness, which now, like once the waves of water, partly emerges from within the earth, and partly from the air, namely out of its evil spirits. And the souls, that are easily flooded by it, are ruined thru imperiousness.

3. And this flood is like a fire - and it is the very fire, of which it is written, that the world will be judged a second time, in general. If you do not want to be seized by this evil flood of fire, stay firmly in Me and do not quickly judge this or that way, and neither say... This or that one - or this party or that party - or the big or the small are right, for I am telling you... Now, nobody is right except for the one who tends to lean to neither here nor there, and instead remains bolt upright and firmly in Me and leaves everything up to Me alone - I am telling you frankly, everything beyond that is sin.

4. All of this had to happen because of God's Word, which is My Word, which I Myself have spoken in Jerusalem, about Jerusalem, and the same, as you know, also about the entire world.

5. Many great things will still going to happen, and many evil things you will still witness and hear about, and one nation will condemn the other. One party will build the gallows for the other, those that have not long ago greeted each other as friends, will betray one another, the son the father and the father the son.

6. But you, however, do not pass judgment on anyone, but rather leave everything up to Me, thus you will find yourselves within My Ark of Peace, wherein no evil of this time will be able to reach you.

7. Who of you has the power to accomplish something in the world? - If he judges against this party - and then, said party wins, will it then not come after him, and seize him and demand an account from him? And if he teams up with the other party, and the first party wins, will the second one not do the same with him as the first one did with the one, that was against it? Because I have not predetermined the victory for any one party yet, except the one that remains with Me, so you shall abstain from any compliment, as well as from any rebuke, for you do not know which one you should compliment or rebuke. Such things only I know, and I will give to everyone according to his works.

8. But if one power wins, obey the power, that has won; for it wouldn't be a power, if it didn't come forth from Me, for I alone bestow power or impotence. The power wins, and the impotence succumbs. Or was I, when Pilate judged Me, not just like the one, I am right now and forever, the only Lord of infinity? - But as I accepted the judgment of Pilate and did not oppose him, since it was about My own skin, so do not grumble in your safety over the things that are currently unfolding. For if without My Will, no sparrow is falling from a rooftop and even every single hair atop your head is counted, how could these things now happen without My Will? - But if this is My Will, and that because the world wanted it that way and it still does, so is it now also My concern to protect those, who cling tightly to Me and leave everything up to Me. Do you still not know, that My counsel is inscrutable and My ways unfathomable?

9. Look, I am sending downpours, lightning, thunder and hailstorms across the mostly peaceful alpine residents, and the floods rob them their oxen, cows, sheep and goats, and tear their huts down into the precipice, and the painstaking labour of their hands is ruined, while not a single hair of the rich city-dweller is harmed. If you wanted to judge here according to your legal definitions, how would My action look in your eyes? - I however judge and act the way, as it is correct in truth.

10. If some spiritual pest wants to creep over the purer mountains, thus I wash it away with the proper means, and the Alps will be pure again. The rich city-dweller however, not being a child from above, has mostly received his reward in his undisturbed and comfortable life. The better one however will be cleansed as well, maybe not through a downpour, but still through many other various waters, - for nobody will enter My Kingdom unwashed.

11. I don't need to tell you again, what will still take place in particular; for a lot can still happen, but only a little more as well - whereafter the people will either turn to Me, or turn away from Me.

12. The sword has already had a lot to do, and it has brought about quite terrible things; but if the people will continue to prowl around in the flood of imperiousness, I will send another angel, namely, the angel of hunger as well as the angel of pestilence. These teachers will surely teach the people completely different legal concepts than the ones, by which they are currently enlivened.

13. But your slogan shall be... Give to the emperor what is his, but especially give to Me what is Mine, this way you will perfectly get along with the world and Me. The publican did not have the right to demand a toll from Me and Peter, for we were no foreigners, but native children, but what I as the Lord and your Father did, you may do as well, this way you truthfully are My children in everything, amen.

14. This say I as your Father, full of wisdom and love... amen, amen, amen.

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