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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


Spirit Battle of the Fallen & Yesterday's Northern Light - November 18, 1848

Jacob Lorber saw on November 17, 1848 - between 11:00 pm and 01:00 am - that the sky in the northwest has taken on a strong red coloration, and through such a fiery sign he was greatly alarmed. Because of that he asked the Lord the following: Oh Lord! Was the great sign that I saw in the sky yesterday, only one of those so called northern light, or was it a prophetic warning sign for a future, maybe even greater bloodshed? Oh Lord, if it is agreeable with you, I would like to know, out of your most holy mouth, what this actually is, and whether or not it means something and if it does, what it means?

The Lord says:

1. Good, good, just write, I will tell you; but do not hesitate when I will reveal it to you.

2. The light and fiery sign of yesterday was, by its outer appearance, a natural, so called 'Aurora Borealis'. But the reason for it was and is not such a natural one, as the appearance in itself, which certainly is only spiritual as well. But its true nature is quite misunderstood by the short-sighted and most often blind people, because it is looked at only as some kind of electric emanation, and not as a conflict of spirits. But I am telling you and everyone else, that this manifestation in itself is purely spiritual as well, and thus means something completely different than what the people think.

3. Look, all the so called heat- and fire spirits, who have lost their bodies in these wars, are now extremely enraged and furious, due to the horrors, that they were subjected to. But since all the spirits of such a fierce temper, after the falling away of their body, come under the custody of the spirits of peace from the northern part of the earth, it is quite self explanatory, that the outraged spirits of those, who have fallen in the current wars, also go there, to pass through the school of peace, tranquility and forgiveness.

4. That this school initially causes an even greater outrage with all newcomers as the one, with which they left the world and arrived here, can somehow be understood, since an unsettled spirit becomes only then completely restless when rest is offered to him. It's almost like with a still living agitator, when he is captured.

5. Even if his body has become still, on account of the threatening severe consequences, the inner man is still all the more infuriated, who would surely revenge himself dreadfully on his conqueror, if he had the power and opportunity to do so. Such is even more the case with those spirits, who have lost their bodies, because they do enjoy a certain freedom, by which they can do whatever they want, but certainly only appearingly and not in real terms.

6. These spirits, which the north is now filled with, therefore press more towards midday (south) and stir there all those spirits, that have become more peaceful already in those regions and they start a literal fight with them, so that those must put up a resistance. Then when such a fight begins, the atmosphere becomes visibly bright red. And once the peace spirits arrive to capture the fervid devils, it appears as if white bundles would fly in every direction through the glowing red looking atmosphere, and that goes on for as long as the red finally changes into a dull white yellow, whereupon the whole phenomenon soon disappears altogether.

7. But that such extraordinary spiritual eruptions, and the resulting spiritual battles, awaken and stir an equally powerful craving for revenge and fighting in those similarly tempered spirits still living in a body on earth, that you can even more certainly expect, since you know, how the outer world and its outer appearance completely depends on the spirit world, be it good or bad. And thus, you can surely take this extraordinary phenomenon as a cause, from which may come forth the bloodiest movements - especially from the northern part of Germany!

8. Certainly, I am also there in the background, since I either thunder the veto or the fiat thereto - and this according to how the people are and how they behave. At this time though, men are still quite bad and full of wickedness, pride and domineering revenge, and so, most likely, there may rather follow a fiat than a veto from Me.

9. I'm telling you: A lot of innocent blood calls for revenge, and that sounds bad in My ears. And therefore consider for yourself, what I, as the sole and eternal rewarder, am forced to do.

10. I'm telling you: A great Woe to all, who misuse the power, I have given to them, to ruin their brethren and who take My patience and forbearance for granted! Once I will strike at them, they will be stricken for eternity.

11. It will come soon, so that it won't slip you by; yes, it will be like lightning, and they will search in vain for the fox's den and for holes to hide themselves; but it will be for naught. For to hide from My eyes and hands is certainly quite difficult. - This say I, the Omnipresent and All-seeing. Amen, amen, amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 3 HG3-155 Entry