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"You are Peter the Rock" - May 25th, 1847

"You are Peter (a rock), upon this rock I want to build My church, and the gates of hell shall not defeat it! - To you I want to give the keys to the kingdom of heaven; what you will loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven as well, and what you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven as well." (Matthew 16:18-19)

The Lord says:

1. Because of these scripture texts, the greatest fallacy and delusion still prevails in all christian circles on earth. Because all of them - without exception - perceive themselves to be - more or less - the 'church rock' Peter and believe, they possess the real key to the kingdom of God, which they can open or close for everyone, who wants to enter, as they want to - meaning, they arbitrarily provide the word of the gospel or mutilate, withhold or forbid it, and instead give random commandments and lay the eternal punishment upon them. They seduce the people to commit as many sins as possible, which they then either randomly absolve or they withhold the indulgence, and for a certain penance they even grant plenary or partial indulgence for all committed sins, or possibly withhold the indulgence!

2. If only someone had an atom of pure intellect and prudence, he would have to realize - for the sake of My Divinity - that it would have been impossible for Me, the One who only preached the law of brotherly love at every possible opportunity, to give such an authority and provision to the apostle Peter, as well as to all other apostles, when said things behave towards brotherly love in the same way as heaven and hell behave towards each other!

3. Whoever bestows laws, he also gives the judgment; is judgment love? For this exact reason I have taken all the judgment upon Myself on the cross, so that only love would remain with the people, - but where is that love even imaginable, where billions of judgment seats are set up among those, who should be brothers, and wherever you look, you can only see laws, laws and laws?! Is this supposed to be Peter the rock, upon which My church should be built, which is supposed to be nothing but love and love alone?!

4. Everyone, who recognizes and loves Me like Peter does, is an appropriate rock, upon which I can build My true Church, the true love and wisdom out of Me, and also earnestly will build. But how shall a big or small congregation under the rule of some leader be a rock, when everyone thinks and believes, what they want; where one mutters some incomprehensible words and sells such muttering as some useful prayer, and the other one curses, scoffs and laughs about it, and where a third one emerges as a judge and condemns everything into the deepest bottom of hell?! Can such a congregation or its leader be the rock, upon which My church is built, and which the gates of hell can never defeat?!

5. I said... By your love you will be rocognized - If you love one another, as I love you, they will recognize, that you truly are My disciples! - I gave the love as the sole indicator, from which one can recognize, if someone is a true rock, upon which My church is built. - But how shall the multiplied judgment seats among those, who are supposed to be brothers, be the sole indicator of Peter the rock upon which My church is built, and which the gates of hell cannot defeat?! - Oh you terribly blind and foolish people of this present time, who think, that they have not been defeated by hell. But on account of all their actions, they are right in the middle of it already for a very long time!

6. If I wanted to institute a visible church with that, I would have said to all apostles and disciples... You are all Peters. But I said this literally only to Peter himself, because he was the first one who recognized Me according to My Divine Nature! Therefore he also was the first one, to whom, on account of his faith and trust, I gave the key to the kingdom of heaven, which is a kingdom of love towards God within the heart of man, and out of that, the true brotherly love, a love, which nobody can reach without recognizing God first, because everyone must certainly first know the one, whom they are supposed to love, before they can love Him.

7. This Love towards God and one's brother is therefore the true Kingdom of God, the sole true and living church, which is built upon the rock of the correct understanding and the steadfast faith and trust derived from that, which of course no hell can destroy ever.

8. But the external communal ceremonial parade and splendor of a so called insurmountable church of Christ on some golden and silver rock of Peter is as much church and the rock of Peter, as hell is heaven, or the excrement of a pig is a diamond. - Or have I ever said... You will be recognized to be My disciples on account of the gold, silver, gemstones or by precious chasubles or great worldly power and the greatest earthly reputation or by the most magnificent church buildings, bells and organs or by the latin language and the likes? - Truly, nothing like that has ever been preordained and foretold by Me as an indicator of My true church. But through John in the book of revelation, where the great harlot is spoken of- but this harlot will for sure not be the rock of Peter, right?!

9. Simon Jona, who was a true Peter, said the following to someone he was healing through My true Spirit within him... “I do not have any gold or silver, but what I have, I do give to you!” - Can the one, who wants and is supposed to be the successor of Peter in Rome, the bishops in England, the superintendents in Germany and the mighty patriarch of all Greeks truly say this about themselves with a good conscience, without becoming a laughing stock in front of the entire world?! Do they also have no pockets, shoes and sticks? - Oh behold, how Peter and his church of love was built upon the rock of his heart, and what its foundation was. Now look at how today's churches are built and what their foundation is? I mean, even a blind person must grasp this and also see, let alone someone, who's eyes have been fairly opened.

10. The time will come, when God will be worshipped in spirit and in truth everywhere, and not in Jerusalem or upon the mount Gerizim! - This you can read in the scriptures as well. - Therefore is the spirit, the truth, the correct understanding, the faith and trust and the true Love for God and for one's neighbor in the heart of every single human being the sole and only true rock and the living church built upon it by Me. And this is the only church, that will defy hell eternally. Everything else are vain works of men, and they stand for nothing, and they offer no protection against hell at all, if the true rock and the true, living church, built within every single human being, is lacking thereby.

11. Therefore, it is quite a vain question, which outer, visible church among the many, that bear My Name, is the right one. - The answer to that question can never be anything else than this... None of them! - Only the church in the heart, which I have made, is the only true church, and the only one, that keeps you safe from hell for all eternity. Everything else was concocted by the world, and it belongs to the world and it will never mean anything before Me!

12. And so, the keys to My kingdom can also only be found within the living and only true church, but never in some ecclesiastical congregation or with its board. Whatever someone looses or binds for himself out of his living church built by Me within his heart, will be loosed or bound upon the earth in his natural life, as well as in the life of his brother. And it will also be loosed or bound in heaven, since this sole true church is already heaven itself - or to say it even clearer... Whatever someone does in and out of his mighty church of love, that will be done in heaven as well, forever.

13. These are therefore the true keys to the kingdom of heaven, that you recognize Me as your holy and truest father, and that you love Me above all else, and that you love your brothers and sisters as yourself. If that is the case with you, you have acheived "peterdom", and thereby possess the true keys to the kingdom of heaven; everything else is naught! - So understand this well and live accordingly, amen, amen, amen.

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