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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


Who does actually commit Adultery, Whoring, Lechery and Fornication? - June 12th 1847

1. In order to understand the previously given gift more clearly, we need to examine the circumstances a little closer, under which adultery, whoring, lechery and fornication in its purest form are committed, and what mostly causes such behavior.

2. A person, be it male or female, already commits fornication by all sorts of reveling, splurging and generally by everything, that gives his flesh a special stimulus to lust. The same goes for all public amusements, in which the people act more freely and more cheeky than in their usual condition, which serves the flesh in the most lustful way. Whoever visits such amusements and takes part in them, is already whoring, because he is sacrificing things to his most dangerous house idol, which is his flesh; at the same time he is committing adultery with Me, the true bridegroom of life, by breaking the vow of his faith. At the same time he is also a horndog and fornicator; a horndog, because he indulges in his flesh, and a fornicator because through such actions, he only begets death, not life.

3. Furthermore do all those, who cover their bodies with modern and soft clothing, commit fornication in its purest form. For if one says… We live in this world and therefore we have to follow the fashion trends, because of the world, otherwise we will be looked at as poor devils, who do not heed custom and decency. - Oh you fools! Who is greater, Me or the world? - However, when I tell you that if you pay tribute to the world, that I will repudiate you for eternity. Will your foolish world still be worth more than Me, who gave you life and can take it away again, whenever I want to, for eternity? - You may heed the decency of the world; but the decency, which I, your God and Lord, surely have the first right to demand of you, means nothing to you, and you think that I will just let that slide through the finger. - Oh, such leniency of Mine, will soon become very costly for you. The eternal abyss will show you, how much leniency I had with such worldly donkeys! - There, one worldly donkey says to the other, and one worldly hog to the other… Well, where did you let your tailcoat and leg wear get made? Ah, this wonderful style, a perfect fit, exquisite! But you are also grown like an Adonis, everything fits you very well - and everything is according to the latest and therefore newest fashion trend! I have to imitate you immediately, for only with such exceptional elegance can one become a victor in the eyes of the beautiful gender!

4. The females possess even more fashion philosophy, for they can talk about fashion, clothing materials, ribbons etc. for hours, days and weeks without end, without ever considering that such whoring small talk could actually be displeasing to Me! - But I say… Oh, just continue with such most foolish clothes whoring - with this woven idolothyte for your stinking flesh, for the house of death for your soul and spirit. If your flesh is adorned that way, you'll please Satan the most; for that is his main goal, that the graves are veneered and the dunghills are gilded. - But for Me, who only finds delight in the adornment of the spirit, such keen fashion and clothes fornicators will never be permitted to enter, because I have no greater disgust for anything else, than I have for the fashion heroes and fashion heroines!

5. Truly, if you people would walk around naked according to the Paris fashion trend and would wear your shame openly, you could still be saved, but because you have decorated your house of death so much, you will perish in it eternally! - For all of this is whoring and adultery in its purest form, the most despicable lechery and fornication with your own being. It's a spiritual suicide, and there grows not a single herb in the gardens of heaven for its healing! - For whoever sleeps with a prostitute, on account of his strong urge, this one comes usually around after the act, and very often feels remorse for his sinful deed; him shall be forgiven therefore, because he realized that he has done something wrong.

6. But such fashion mongers and fashion dolls will never come to their senses, never feel remorse, and they think, that this nefarious, proud, selfish and overly fornicating dress up of their house of death is no sin at all, but instead honorable and befitting, and very often they feel embarrassed about their skimpy brother, and their poor sister, yes - hear it! - Very often, they feel ashamed because of their poor parents, or even because of Me! - They are ashamed to pray to Me, they feel ashamed, to publicly acknowledge My name, just because they wear a moth sack, adorned according to the latest fashion trend!!!

7. I'm asking you here, if there exists an even bigger form of whoring than fashion and clothing? - I'm telling you… Every sinner will more easily find entry, than such a foolish fashion monger and fashionable adorned hog. For those, as they are in their real Paris style, the gates of heaven shall never be opened. Whoever blasphemes Me, I can step in front of him and show him, how he has blasphemed Me for no reason at all, and he will realize his error and he will weep, because he had wronged Me - and I will forgive him, and he will become a Paul to Me!

8. However, what shall I do with someone, who is obviously ashamed of Me? Truly, for such a one as this I do not know one single cure! For whenever someone is ashamed of somebody, he will try to avoid that person even more carefully than the pest; and this is the true nature of Satan himself - namely, the highly praised sense of shame!! - Parents, just plant a huge sense of shame and sense of honor from the world into your children, then you'll have surely set them on the direct path to hell, from which they will have a hard time to depart later on! Teach the girls earnestly and strictly, to hide their feet on account of a pure shame, but to really highlight the butt, and to keep the breast and arms uncovered according to the fashion trend, - just go ahead! This will be perfect, to be absolutely assured of hell! Oh you most foolish people, what is more honorable or more shameful about the body? - Is not the entire body My creation? - Where is it written that I have added something disgraceful to it?!

9. You are nefarious fashion- and clothes fornicators, since - just because it is trendy - you think some of your body parts are disgraceful and others honorable. And if it were trendy to show the naked butt and to cover the entire face except for the eyes, you would do it and you would think your rump to be the most honorable part of your body! - Oh you great fools, you most stupid donkeys and utter hogs, don't you realize, that through the woeful fashion in your clothes you have become the most seriously hoaxed ones from hell?! - Therefore, let finally go of this greatest of all your follies, which in itself is enough to lock you out of heaven forever!

10. If men would walk around naked among themselves, they would be much meeker and more virtuous; but because they adorn their bodies, that it may look more pleasing, they continually burn for the lust of the flesh and they doom themselves unfailingly deeper and deeper into their eternal death. - Who will be able to free them from this, since they start to be ashamed more and more of their eternal Deliverer, the more they clothe their bodies according to the fashion trends? Truly, even robbers, murderers and the naked sodomites will see My face more likely, than these adorned rascals and all the fashion dolls. This says the poor, only covered with necessary clothes, but almighty Lord Jesus, amen, amen, amen.

June 13th 1847 (Who does actually commit adultery, whoring, lechery and fornication? - Addendum)

11. After the fashion heroes and their companions, the industry knights also commit utter fornication, adultery and the like. In fact, those are even worse than the fashion heroes and fashion heroines, for they are literally Satan's right arm, and as such carry his mark upon their foreheads and hands. - These marks procure a manifold insight upon them, and they put money and zeal into their hands. Then, they build large, artificial workshops, in which machines are working instead of the poor people, and they produce a large amount of various new goods in a short time, like all sorts of fabrics for clothes, and other house decorations, as well as many other a thousand fold things for the modern and gallant world! Thereupon the tailors think and search day and night, to create some new style, to lure their customers with. And the milliners do the same and they search continually for newer, more striking and more shouting designs and by that they lure their customers, and they always praise their products as something extraordinary.

12. The number of this kind of people will grow continually and they are in most cases without faith, without religion, without conscience and without brotherly love. For them, a human being means nothing, they are only buyers and customers of their articles, if they fulfill their payments properly. However, if that often is not the case, a most relentless execution is imposed upon them, and if that doesn't cover the claim, then time in prison will be imposed on the insolvent one! - Exactly according to My words, where I said… “If you lend your money, lend it to the poor, who will not be able to pay it back to you. This way, you'll find an eternal treasure in My realm! - Don't worry about what you're going to eat and drink and what you're going to clothe your body with, for the heathens strive for these things. You, however, only seek for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (which is love and mercy) and everything else will be added to you as a free gift!” - That is My word, that is God's Word, that is My Will, that is God's Will!

13. How does this industrial worldly fornication of satan behave compared to these words of Mine? - It's just like the lowest hell and the highest heaven are behaving against each other; that is why it's not even necessary to determine the reward in the eternal beyond more closely, which will be given for such works and the so called improvement in thinking over time. For such people are already standing too deep in hell, that My holiness could get in touch with them more closely! - They are too wretched and wicked, that My love could call to them 'Woe to you', because it would not scare them, and thus they would not repent, but only continue to produce, and buy and sell even more!

14. Truly, the workshops of these people shall be destroyed in the most shameful way, and they themselves will be forced outside with glowing ropes into the eternal lake of fire of My wrath! - However, I want to be merciful and compassionate to every sinner; but those people shall be treated relentlessly, for they deride My Word at all times with the greatest indifference like no one else. - The soul of such a huckster is the most atrocious of them all, he is a most foul polyp who tries to swallow everything he can get a hold of, continually, with a thousand maws. That is why I showed it also in the temple, how pleasant these people are to Me!

15. I have certainly spared every sinner - The guilt of the adulteress I had written into the sand; The punk was allowed to salve My feet; With the tax collector and public sinner I had dinner; Those who were full of leprosy from fornication I cleansed; My traitor I've welcomed as a friend; The murderer at the cross I received into the eternal paradise, and for all those, who crucified Me and those who allowed Me to be be crucified, I begged the holy Father to forgive them, while I was dying at the cross. Only the industrial knights have been thrown out of the temple mercilessly with ropes, and the rich wastrel had to go to hell! - With this you can clearly see how this species stands in My grace and will stand forever, amen, amen, amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 3 HG3-89 Entry