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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


The proper, living Remedy - August 17th 1848

- To Elise H. - The Lord says:

1. My dear daughter! – If you and others would have a complete and living trust in Me, you wouldn’t have such an unnecessary fear in regards of your current breast problem, and thus you wouldn’t constantly ask Me for another better and quicker working remedy for yourself. Because then, the first one would be as good as the last one.

2. But because your problem, which is a deposit of many old evils and medications, cannot pass by as quickly as some minor cold, since through that, many bad substances have found an exit, and now, you are terribly afraid. But I ask you... Why? Do you really believe, that I would not be able to help you, even if your problem would be a thousand times bigger as it is?

3. Oh look, never has there been an evil so big, that I would not be able to control it! And as such, I could also deal with your problem in a nutshell, but for that, you are too fearful and anxious, and you search remedy after remedy. But you put way too little living trust into the true main remedy, which you can infer yourself from your fear and anxiety, and that's what delays the complete healing of your breast.

4. I’m telling you, you may place earth, water, oil, wine, honey, balm, herbs, plasters, milk, bread or also sulphur or any other minerals and mineral waters upon your breast – if you have a living trust in Me, then all of them will serve you; but if you instead are fearful and anxious, that shows that your trust in Me is not complete yet. So then you will have to attribute it only to yourself, that the healing of your breast aligns completely with the trust you have.

5. You only observe and consider the remedy, whether it actually stems from Me or only from My scribe, and therefore you ask yourself, whether or not it will be able to help properly – and if it were not from Me, but only from the scribe, if it would not make the problem even worse?

6. Look, these are your hidden qualms, through which, as said before, you only consider the recommended remedy, from the perspective of a semi-faith. However, you don’t consider Me at all, because you believe, or at least are of the opinion, that I only could or would want to help through one sole remedy, which is the most suitable – as if I were not mighty enough to heal every problem through every remedy, and yes with a most living faith even without a remedy. – What is the remedy anyway?

7. I am the proper living remedy, without Me nothing works, but with Me each of them works!

8. If you wish to achieve a healthy body in the future, you mustn’t pay too much attention to a fitting remedy, but rather only make sure, that your living trust in Me makes it fitting, whatever it may be. However, without this manipulation, the best balm will help about as much as the water of a puddle!

9. Use your plaster, but with complete trust in Me, then it will surely pull out the abscess, which should have come out with the pus, like the placenta after birth, and now it is sitting and festering within the wound like a foreign substance. But remember, the plaster itself won’t do this.

10. But if you wish to consult a doctor, you may do so. Make sure, however, that you do not put too much trust in the doctor, but have all the more a true, living and thus fearless trust in Me. Then the doctor's remedies will work wonders. But if you trust the doctor more than Me, he will be of little or no use to you.

11. Your fear and anxiety however is a sure indicator, whether you fully trust Me or not; for every fear and anxiety is a result of a weak faith and trust in Me.

12. Am I not the one, who called the decaying Lazarus, who had been lying in the grave for 4 days, back to life? – If you then believe, that I am the same one and that I have been speaking to you through this weak, but nonetheless faithful servant already a few years now, - why then is your faith weak and your respective opinion impure, according to which My servant would give you remedies out of himself, in My Name, which then cannot help, because they might not actually come from Me, but from the servant himself?

13. Don’t you know that I would soon reject the servant, if he would do so? – Do not consider My servant here as such a wicked sinner! – He surely has other weaknesses, but most of the time against himself; but he is faithful and strong in My Name, and he is not afraid of men and also pays no attention to the benefits of the world, even though he is poor in a worldly sense.

14. So, just have more faith and trust, then everything will work out just fine; otherwise however, it will not for quite a long time, amen. – This say I, the best remedy for all of eternity. Amen, amen, amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 3 HG3-98 Entry