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104,1. Thereupon Adam called Enoch and Kenan and made Asmahael's will known to them. And they went and greeted the children and once more invited them to appear on the Sabbath, then told them that they could now go home again and happily perform their duties.

104,2. And the children and elders who earlier had surrounded the fathers and heard every loud word then rose.

104,3. But one of the elders asked Enoch: "Dear young son of your father Jared who is a grandson of the one with you and he a son of my brother, tell me, if you wish and may, who actually that youth sitting on the tiger is and whence he came?

104,4. "For his behavior is strange and his bright and pleasant-sounding word extremely powerful besides, there lies in the sound of every one of his words such a confident certainty that one cannot help believing he could break up mountains with it and with his breath stir up the sea like a thousand violent storms simultaneously.

104,5. "Look, that is why I would like to learn where this youth is from and what his nature is; but, as I said, if you wish and may tell me, and only then. Amen."

104,6. And Enoch replied: "Listen, dear father Abedam, I would like to do so if I were allowed, but just wait a little and in the ever-growing love for God you will soon have an explanation concerning the youth on the tiger.

104,7. "You know his name, so do not for the time being seek after more. In due course your own love for God will tell you everything. Therefore God be with all of you now and at all times! Amen."

104,8. Abedam thanked Enoch with a deeply moved heart, saying: "Dear Enoch, I thank you! I am completely satisfied, you have now clearly told me what I wanted to know. For to know more than where the treasure lies and where and how it is to be found would just be idle fancy. The seeking is a matter of one's own life. Therefore I thank you, for you have now animated my heart, as it has never been before. So once more sincere thanks for it and all my life to God. Amen."

104,9. Then they again saluted the children and elders and returned to where the fathers were already waiting for them.

104,10. When they arrived, Adam once more blessed the children and they then arranged themselves for the march. When this had been done, Asmahael approached Adam again and said:

104,11. "Adam, if you agree allow Me to choose here one of the children to accompany Me. Amen."

104,12. And Adam said, deeply moved: “O Asmahael, how can You ask me? Am not I, as is everything, gladly subject to Your will?

104,13. "Your will be done by all of us at all times and with the greatest joy. Therefore, only Your will! Amen."

104,14. Then Asmahael called out aloud: "Abedam! Abedam! Abedam! If you are willing you may follow us and be a companion to Me, for I have tried your heart and reins and found you free from guile. Therefore you shall follow us and do not worry, I shall help you seek the treasure and make you find it for sure, and that, listen, soon, very soon.

104,15. "For today I will put you to death so that I may awaken you tomorrow for everlasting life. Amen."

104,16. When Abedam heard this call he came in a hurry and said: "I will follow You wherever You wish. Put me to death a thousand times, for the more often You will do that the more life You will surely give back to me.

104,18. "I feel that if one has You one can easily do without any other treasure. And I also feel that one who has found You need not seek any further since he has already found the actual treasure and the death and awakening to everlasting life.

104,19. “O Asmahael, allow poor Abedam to be with you always and not only now; but not to be Your companion, but You to be his towards life eternal. Amen.

104,20. “O let me follow You always! Your will, amen!"

104,21. And then Abedam joined Asmahael with great joy and greatly strengthened followed the march of the fathers by the mighty side of Asmahael.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-104 Chapter