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Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-11 Chapter

Chapter 11 - The Birth of Cain and Abel

1. And lo, Love vanished from the sight of the created, returning into the holy bosom of the Father.

2. And now behold, you, My lazy and very inefficient servant, you are still very hard of hearing, for I must dictate to you every word individually, and you still do not understand Me and keep asking Me often twice, thrice, five times, even up to ten times, and every time I faithfully repeat each word to you. Therefore, pay more attention, so that we may make better progress, for soon the world will need this work of My great grace to be completed. Let Me, your holy Father, who is all love within His entire being, tell you this.

3. Now continue to write! - And the newly created couple was all alone on the wide earth, and the promised angel appeared with the flaming sword in his right hand. When they caught sight of him they were very frightened and fled from him, shaking deep within with fear.

4. And behold, the fear precipitated Eve's time and she was painfully delivered of the forbidden fruit, which, because of Adam's blindness, the serpent had put into her.

5. Adam looked at the naked fruit and found that it resembled him, and he rejoiced. Eve saw Adam's joy and ardently pressed this fruit of her love to her full breast.

6. And behold, she felt a sting in her breast similar to the bite of the serpent and put the fruit down on the ground, greatly afraid and convinced that she had sinned again.

7. But behold, the great angel with a kind face appeared before the fearful pair and spake to them in a firm voice:

8. "Do not fear the servant of Jehovah who was sent to you from above to show you the earth and enlighten you about the errors of the world, and also to chastise you and your descendants if you should ever stray from the ways of eternal Love and the boundless holiness of God.

9. "This fruit is no longer a sin for you, although it is the result of your threefold disobedience to God and is the death of your flesh, which you have created in your flesh through your selfish desire. You must not cast away this fruit, but in accordance with the will from above keep it as a witness for yourselves and for your humiliation, so that you may understand how, through you, came sin, and through sin came death into the world. You shall call the fruit 'Cain' or 'Bringer of Death'.

10. These words of the messenger from above reassured the frightened minds of the pair, and Eve picked up the fruit from the ground with her still trembling hands and, bid by the angel through Adam, she offered her full breast to the infant to suck from it the life of the earth.

11. Then the angel stepped to the left side of Adam, and Eve, with the fruit on her right arm, placed herself at Adam's right side so that her heart might remain free from any burden, and in the future remain devoted to the man on all his paths.

12. Thus they walked in a perfect manner over the entire earth in order to see all its places, to prepare abodes for their future descendants and to sow the seed for their bread through the might and power they had been given by Love through the great grace of mercy.

13. For the earth and everything on it was subject to the will of Adam. The sea and all the waters faithfully obeyed even his slightest hint and were subject to Adam from their surface to their most profound depths and respectfully offered their backs to the feet of their lord for safely walking upon them at his pleasure. All the winds were subject to him and all the creatures of the waters, the firm land and the air obeyed his voice.

14. Adam was astonished at his indwelling power and saw and recognized over how many things eternal Love had given him such great powers. He was delighted at the immense grace from above and said to Eve:

15. "Eve, my wife, behold how the Lord of might and power has blessed us. Let us offer Him our hearts, so that His blessing may prosper on the earth in accordance with His great promise and, as a new dweller in this place, behold through you the light of grace!"

16. And Eve, full of humility and sincere joy, replied: "Adam, behold your servant at your feet, awaiting a hint from her lord of the earth. Let it be according to your will; take my guilty heart and offer it to the Lord!"

17. And Adam, in all humility before the Lord, did to Eve as commanded by the Lord.

18. And behold, the blessing became visible on Eve, and Adam rejoiced, and Eve was delighted as well. Now hear what the angel of Jehovah said to the happy couple, and his words were in perfect harmony, as words from above and words from below, and it was eternal Love Itself speaking through the mouth of the angel, and the words were as follows:

19. "Adam, you have learnt a great deal on your long journey across the earth. You saw its lands and its waters and what lives, grows and moves on and in them. You saw the huge mammoth and all the creatures down to the tiniest worm. You saw the powerful shark and all the creatures of the waters down to the smallest dwellers in a drop of water. You also saw all the birds in the air, from the giant eagle down to the ladybird, and from this to the tiniest gnat, and you have probed all their powers and usefulness. From all this you have seen how abundantly eternal Love has provided for you and, through you, for Eve too.

20. "You spoke to the mountains, and they answered you. You asked the sea, and it replied to you. And you directed your voice towards the depths of the earth, and you have not remained without an answer. You directed the sound of your speech to all the trees, bushes, plants, herbs and grasses, and they made known to you their names and revealed to you their suitability, to be used by you according to your free choice. Thus all the creatures you spoke to gave you a perceivable and clear answer, each one according to its own kind, and showed you to what degree they are destined to serve you and blindly submit to your will. And the winds taught you how to make use of them according to your will. And also Eve saw, heard and perceived all these things.

21. "Now behold, Adam, and you too, Eve! Eternal Love gave you all these things, not as It gave you your life and Eve, but Its great grace gave them to you as gifts, which you may keep as long as you use them wisely, according to the will of the holy Father. But if you do not, at all times, keep your heart pure before the face of Jehovah, they will, one after the other, withdraw from the sphere of your great power. Therefore, be wise as is the great, boundlessly good and most holy Father high above all creation and deep at the bottom of all creation.

22. "And as you are, shall be and remain henceforth, in accordance with the holy Father's will, thusly shall be all your descendants as well. And the descendants of Eve shall be as she is before and under your eyes.

23. "But whoever is not as you now are, shall be and remain henceforth, will keep the gift for a limited time. However, the gift of grace will be taken from him as soon as he is no longer as you now are, shall be and remain. Even the descendants of Eve will raise themselves above their heads, be totally disloyal to them, run after the dogs, feed on the excrements of vipers and suckle their children with the breast of otters. And your descendants will be poisoned through them and die a bitter death physically and spiritually in eternal shame and tormenting disgrace.

24. "And behold, Adam, and listen, Eve! You are still in Paradise where eternal Love has placed you before and after your sin and before and after the destruction. But if you should ever forget yourselves and not faithfully observe the laws of love and the commandments of the holy Father's wisdom, you will be expelled from this beautiful garden by this flaming sword and will never again be allowed to enter it during the time of your physical life, and until the time of the promise, none of your descendants either. Only after that time will the children of salvation and the therefrom proceeding new creation by eternal Love be allowed to enter it again.

25. "Take note of this, Adam, and you, Eve, remember it too! The fruit that will come forth from you, Eve, - this living fruit you, Adam, shall call Abel and offer him to the Lord of eternal glory. His name is 'Son of Grace' and he shall be the first prototype of Him Who, one day, in the great Time of times, will come in perfection from above out of the bosom of the might and power of God's holiness.

26. "Now that I have guided you, have shown and told you everything, according to the will of eternal Love, my mission on behalf of the eternal love in the Father of all holiness and goodness is accomplished and I have to leave you visibly. But invisibly I shall follow you and count your every step according to the immutable will of Jehovah.

27. "You will get to see me every time you shall offer your hearts in humility to the Lord of Glory. And I shall receive your offering into a vessel, carry it up to God and empty it out before the face of the Son, and the great and holy Father will be pleased with your works.

28. "But you will also get to see me if you should, or could, stray from the law of love and the commandments of the holy Father, just as you are now still seeing me, with the flaming sword in my right hand, about to drive you from the garden and to take from you, Adam, a great part of the gifts from eternal Love out of Its great grace, and to leave you weak and afraid of the slightest noise of the grass.

29. And now, you blind scribe of this My new and living Word within you, as also within all of you, look at Adam, what he was like in Paradise. He was a perfect man, with one exception, endowed with many abilities, a perfect lord of the earth. All his perfections were but a gift from Me and he kept them until the time when he just once forgot Me, after the angel had become invisible to his eyes.

30. And behold, all that which Adam possessed as a gift I will give all of you as a permanent gift and countless more and endlessly greater treasures, that is, Myself. And all that is Mine shall be yours too if you love Me, and nothing but love Me!

31. But where is your love for which I paid such a high price and which I would like to call Mine forever? Oh, there is not much of it left on earth! It is so light and so gentle, but you do not want it and do not seek it where it is waiting for you, and you reject the high value it holds.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-11 Chapter