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110,1. After these words Asmahael alighted from the beast and said to it: "Haehaera, go now, for your service has ended and you with it!" (This is what the alien word means.) And the beast vanished instantly.

110,2. At this all the patriarchs were startled; even Enoch did not remain unconcerned and Abedam was not sure whether he was awake or dreaming, as they did not see the beast jump away, but simply come to nothing.

110,3. Thereupon Asmahael withdrew leaving the patriarchs to a pensive rest, especially those who did not yet know Who was actually behind Asmahael.

110,4. But Jared nudged Enoch and whispered to him: "Enoch, what do you say to this? Where has the beast gone?

110,5. "It did not sink into the earth, nor did it sidle away or go up into the air. It vanished instantly from our sight and did not leave any trace behind. And all this happened through a word from the mouth of Asmahael.

110,6. "No, dear son, whoever can comprehend this, surely knows more than you and I.

110,7. "Behold, if your son Methuselah and his hardly more than forty-year old son Lamech had witnessed this, Methuselah would surely have wakened from his indifference and his too high-spirited Lamech would have been subdued.

110,8. "I actually wanted to take them with us, but Adam's will in that matter was not known to me. Besides, your wife would have missed her loving provider, since you were anyway assigned to stay with Adam and could not preside in our common hut.

110,9. "Lamech would have liked to accompany us, but father Adam does not like him because of his constant restlessness and all kinds of silly talk which to me does not seem so senseless at all. "In a word, I think it would be good if they were here, too.

110,11. This is really something! I do not know what I feel and I think that my talk is rather disjointed.

110,12. "What do you think, will it be in order that I have secretly asked the two to meet us in the midnight region?

110,13. "Oh, if I had only asked them to come to us here with some refreshment for Adam! O Enoch, everything now seems so strange to me! Please, do say something to reassure me! Amen."

110,14. And Enoch hugged his father and said: "My dear father, what a good heart you have! Believe me, such hearts the great and holy Father does not allow hungering for long and I feel that He has already given us a surprise.

110,15. "Look along the road leading towards midnight; from there our two children are already hurrying towards us and see, Asmahael is already walking briskly to meet them.

110,16. “O father Jared, now everything is fulfilled; my love for God and you can no longer be restrained, and so let me love the Lord and let my tongue be silent before Him and you! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-110 Chapter