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112,1. Having heard this speech, Adam and also all the other patriarchs were terrified and that to the point where no one dared utter a word against it, and so there ensued a lengthy silence.

112,2. The two newly arrived had no idea of what was happening and what Asmahael had spoken to the fathers, and they thought by themselves

112,3. that the fathers must surely be annoyed, firstly, at their untimely arrival and, secondly, at the words of the stranger who had brought them and which seemed to have been in their favor.

112,4. And Lamech asked Methuselah in a low voice: "Father, what shall we now do? Shall we make off again and leave the fathers who seem to be angry because of us or shall we remain and patiently bear the reproaches?

112,5. "Who might be the young man who came to meet us so lovingly and then so courageously led us to the fathers?

112,6. "His word must be very important since the fathers listened to him so attentively and now do not seem to have the courage to answer him.

112,7. "O father, do think it over and then let me know, if you want to. Amen."

112,8. But Methuselah was quite short with his son and just said: "Dear son, think whether the situation could be improved through any new action.

112,9. "If we stay, when nobody sends us away, the fathers still remain what they are, namely, our fathers - and we their children. If we leave without their commanding us to do so, they still remain our fathers and we shall thereby show neither obedience nor loving respect, and being our fathers they could hold it against us, for as our fathers they still love us more than they look down upon us.

112,10. "I always start from the principle which is my father Enoch's principle, namely: 'Love the one who is angry with you and you will soon have him for your friend!'

112,11. "Behold, let us do the same, and the fathers will surely not be dissatisfied with us; of that I assure you.

112,12. "However, concerning the young so exceedingly friendly man, I really wonder where he has come from, who he is, how he was admitted to the company of the fathers and what he is actually doing there.

112,13. 'That he is wiser than you and I he has already shown by his words. And that there must be a strange power in his word is clearly proven by the either apparently or really dumbfounded fathers. For the time being we do not need to know any more; and therefore we can be at ease and patiently wait and see and hear what will happen. Amen."

112,14. Thereupon Asmahael joined them and said: "Listen, it is good to be where I am and no one need worry or fear anything. Therefore, stay here while I am staying. For he who stays where I am, is truly safe and has found a permanent abode with Him Who accepts everyone who has a righteous heart.

112,15. "What you do not grasp as yet you will grasp, and with it life, when you will recognize Me.

112,16. "However, rejoice, for you are not far from Me. Hear and understand this! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-112 Chapter