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127,1. Then Enoch hurried out and did as advised by Asmahael.

127,2. After the first call an old son of Adam came creeping out of some hiding-place and said: "Enoch, you son of Jared, if I have understood you correctly, I will follow you."

127,3. Arid Enoch answered: This is the will of the one who is waiting for you and all your children, and so you are not mistaken.

127,4. "But I have still to shout twice, and this will help to convince you that my first call was clear."

127,5. And so Enoch shouted for the second time. Upon this call there also appeared only one old son of Adam, asked Enoch as the first one had done and received the same answer.

127,6. Then Enoch shouted for the third time and upon this most powerful call there also appeared only one old son of Adam and asked Enoch like the first two.

127,7. But Enoch answered: "Follow my call and you will soon convince yourself of whence the call has come and whence the voice has reached your ears.

127,8. The voice is that of Enoch, but the call is from above.

127,9. "Arid now ask no more questions, but follow me and do not tell me where your children and wives are, for immediately another Caller will follow me, and all your children and wives will recognize His voice as the only right one.

127,10. "Though my call was a genuine call from above, it was still a strange voice that shouted it and this is why only very few followed it. But when a call will be sounding with the voice of the great Caller, this voice of the true Caller will be penetrating the depths of the earth and there will be no one among the dead or the living who will not soon recognize it as" the true voice of the only true Caller and no one will ask Him as you asked me, but everyone will follow His voice in one or the other way!”

127,11. "Arid now let us hurry, for your father is waiting! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-127 Chapter