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133,1. After these words, Enoch's tongue was loosened so that he was able to address the following words to all:

133,2. "O dear fathers and also you, my beloved children, look at me and see with amazement how I, who was so weak, have now become strong in the Lord Who is my God and your God, my most beloved Father and your loving Father, my All and your All, indeed, my free, everlasting life, just as yours. Look at me and be amazed, for I have found grace before God Who is my sole and highest love and Who has blessed my line for the great promise till the end of all times. Yes, I call to you once more: Look at me and be amazed at everything about me who was now made everlasting in an immortal body so that even my flesh shall not ever decay.

133,3. "O fathers and children! The Lord has done this by me in the presence of all of you. You all know how we laid stones for the days and also for the full moons. And when a year had passed we heaped up the day- and moonstones thus erecting a lasting memorial to each year. Behold, here is more than a day, a month, a year; therefore, allow me to erect on the spot where I am now standing a worthy and great memorial to the Lord Who has come to us so gloriously, miraculously and lovingly in Asmahael who is now among us and wants to remain with us till the end of all times, yes, in all eternity. For almost a third of the day He has been walking with and among us, lovingly leading us, and no one has thought of offering Him a greater praise than that offered by one to another. O fathers and children, we invite for the Sabbath tomorrow all the children to the offering we want to make to the Lord. Behold, the Lord did not keep us waiting but He came to us today and was yesterday with us and is now among us. What is more, the Lord or the Sabbath?

133,4. "Wherever the Lord is, there is also the Sabbath with Him. O fathers, therefore I now want to erect an altar to Him Who is among us and burn a sacrifice upon it, for all love, all gratitude, all praise, all glory, all sacrifice and all our adoration is due to Him.

133,5. "Children, go and bring me flat, clean stones and help me build an altar here. Then fetch a sacrifice, which should be a seven-months-old lamb and cedar wood for the fire. Go and do all that without delay!

133,6. "And You, my most beloved and holy Asmahael, will surely accept this sacrifice as pleasing to You and in Your boundless love not hold it against me that I am now doing this urged by my love for You.

133,7. "What are heaven and earth compared to You and what the poor Sabbath! Where You dwell and are present is the entire eternity and infinity present, yes, the endless glory and holiness of all the heavens, suns and worlds.

133,8. "You did not allow us to reveal and confess You before it is agreeable to You, but my too great and mighty love for You which flowed into my heart from You told me definitely to do this now, for it said:

133,9. "'Behold, Enoch, through this easy command the Lord only tested the intensity of your love. As long as love is still circulating in a moderate way, such a command is easy enough to observe. However, once love is intensely inflamed, it tears down all barriers, confesses and throws itself into the arms of the beloved object.' - And You Who are so exalted and now above all beloved by me and all of us, You Who are the One, will forgive me this fault for which I am not responsible because love has taken possession of me so mightily that I could not help but confess my love for you aloud before all the people.

133,10. "O Asmahael! Do accept graciously from me and all of us the offering we want to make and hallow and bless the altar, and it will remain blessed and hallowed for all time. Amen."

133,11. After this speech Asmahael rose again and addressed the following words to all the patriarchs and children:

133,12. "Listen, thus it is; Enoch walks the right way! Whoever will walk this way, seeks the. shortest road to reach the beloved object. Truly, he who does not walk thus will hardly ever reach Me and I shall not come to meet him. But he, who has a mighty love in his heart, will he still count the days in reaching the beloved object, or will he not consider every moment as the hallowed one in which to catch up with that, which has been seized by his love?

133,13. "Look, where is the Sabbath of the streams and rivers? Is it not actually in the sea? And before that has been reached there is no rest and no Sabbath. But once a stream has reached the sea, or the sea has spread towards it, will not the stream be at rest once it has reached the sea? Or will it wait until tomorrow once the sea has come to meet it?

133,14. "And so I tell you here: I came to you, and no one came to meet Me except for Enoch. I gave you a command, which you kept out of fear that you might lose Me, but not bearing in mind, that true, pure love has never anything to lose, least of all with Me.

133,15. "You have only vaguely recognized the difference between Me and you, but Enoch has recognized Me. Therefore, I bless this offering of your heart and consecrate the altar you have erected for Me, beloved Enoch! Behold, in this spot your line will one day be saved from the floods of sin and a grand-son out of you will re-erect this altar and make Me a thank offering. And so be blessed for all times! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-133 Chapter