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Chapter 137 - ADAM'S CHANGE AND CONFESSION (2nd November 1841)

137,1. After this speech which was for Adam as if the earth had been plunged in to the sun's immeasurable sea of fire, Adam had not only become soft as wax, as you would say, but he had turned into a fine, well-purified oil which is a precious balm for all kinds of wounds. Therefore, he asked Asmahael for permission to make a new confession before all the children. And since he was the physical arch father, this permission was immediately given by Asmahael and all the children with all their heart. And so Adam rose and began with the following confession, given in a well-ordered speech:

137,2. "O high, sublime, most mighty, holy and most loving Lord, Father, God Jehovah, Who are now visibly present in the man Asmahael. Behold, it was I who named You Asmahael and You were happy about it that You, as a supposed nameless one in Your wisdom, received a name from my mouth, a name of God's children which for a long time we foolishly dreamt of being exclusively. At that time You were more or less a stranger to us, as we did not notice anything particular about You, except Your always inconceivably well-ordered speech, which You pretended to us blind ones to have learnt from the spirit of Abel, my son. But I see this now as follows:

137,3. "Night turns into day, and the night longs for the day as does the day for the night. Who can walk by day during the night? But everyone is able on the brightest day to dose his eyes, whereupon the night by day is for him greater than the darkness in the middle of the actual night.

137,4. "This was the case with me and most of us, and that is why we did not see, hear and notice anything and thus did not understand a thing. In this our general blindness we gave You a name, which would have been most suitable for all of us, provided we had not been blind and deaf. For how should You seek the One You Yourself were from eternity, are and will forever be?

137,5. "When You told us that You came from the lowlands, none of us understood what was meant by the depth of Lamech.

137,6. "Only now have I, and hopefully all of us, recognized through Your grace the terrible night and muddy depth within us; for this our everlasting thanks! Since You told us that Abel had led You to us and loosened Your tongue - how could the deaf ones have comprehended such a statement?

137,7. "Now that You have opened within us the ear of our heart, we understand how terribly blind and deaf we still were, that is, on this beautiful morning so that the word of Your boundless fatherly love touched our hearts without being understood and sounded like the word of a stranger whereas You directed it to us with more clarity than the light of the sun.

137,8. "But what is the day's brightest morning light to the blind and what the and loudest thunder to the deaf? Truly, only now do I recognize -- and hopefully all of us -, that a person who is blind and deaf is as good as quite dead. If he did not have the sensation of his skin he would be completely like a stone against which the winds knock without being felt and he who fell either upon his kind or upon the soft ground or into the water would not feel and distinguish on what he has fallen, and he cannot be transformed except by the inexorable, immeasurable force of the fire.

137,9. "Thus we, too, were nothing but dead stones, fallen on all kinds of ground or other things. From all the deceptive grounds we did not feel, You have gathered us and placed us in the great fire of Your infinite fatherly love. And behold, on this hallowed ground we stones were changed and became once more full of life. We could see and hear and understand. And so we now recognize that the Abel, that is, our fear of God and our love, inferior to what Abel felt for You, has led You to us dead ones in our own mute depth and has loosened the tongue of that within us which had become unable to call You 'Father' in the spirit of truth and eternal love.

137,10. “O how endlessly blind, deaf, unfeeling and dead we must all have been that not one could suspect that the Sun of all suns, the Fire of all fire, the Love of all love, even the Life of all life and the Might and Power of all mights and powers has come into our midst!

137,11. “O children, listen: He whom we in our blindness still called 'Asmahael' is, and is called, 'Jehovah, God the Eternal from eternity', but for us from now on 'Emmanuel' and for those whose hearts are full of love, 'Abba, dear, holy Father'!

137,12. “O Emmanuel, behold, I am unworthy of being given what Enoch has been given whose heart is completely filled with love for You. But do grant me graciously one thing, namely, that I and all of us may to the end of our earthly life love You more and more with all our strength and then all, alive through this love for You within us, may call to You Abba, Abba, Abba!

137,13. “O Emmanuel! Receive my confession graciously and be and remain to us Abba, now and in all Eternities of eternities! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-137 Chapter