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Chapter 14 - Adam's Realization and Remorse

1. And behold, Abel, filled with immense joy at the great grace from above, bent down on his knees and said: "O You great, most holy, good and loving Father, behold here your humble servant before You in the dust, in his profound unworthiness looking up from the depths to You, the Almighty and All-Merciful, in His supreme height. Do listen to a child imploring You for mercy for his weak parents and all his brothers and sisters, and do not withdraw from me the power I received as a great gift from You; but graciously allow it to pour over them for the forgiveness of their sin and for the regaining of the life out of You in the needed might and strength!

2. "And mercifully and graciously change this region at Your pleasure to become fertile, so that the weak may find food to strengthen their bodies and are able to quench their thirst at a spring of fresh water, and that useful animals may come to serve them, obeying their will.

3. "O You great, most holy, kind and dear Father, grant my weak supplication, so that Your holy name may be glorified in the hearts of the repentant!

4. And now behold and hear what happened when the pious Abel had finished his prayer, which was pleasing to Me. A cooling breeze began to blow over the barren desert and light clouds covered the expanse of heaven. It began to rain upon the entire desert, and together with the rain, seeds of all kinds fell into the little furrows that had formed thanks to the frequent heavy rains of Jehovah in the otherwise barren sand. And in an instant the wide desert had become green with grass, plants, shrubs and trees in a great variety in the thousands. In the spot where the pious Abel was kneeling and praying to Me in spirit and in truth, a tall tree grew up almost to the clouds with wide-spread branches and broad leaves full of breadfruits of a pleasant and sweet taste. It was named 'Bahahania' (or 'Strength and Refreshment for the Weak'), still today known to you as 'breadfruit tree'.

5. And out of the light clouds, oozing with grace, spoke a gentle voice to the devout Abel: "Abel, my dear, freed son, swing the sword over the sleeping ones with your left hand, and awaken them to repentance and ithe improvement of their way of life before me in the future, and be a true example of Him who will one day come in the great time of the times, and tell them that no one will be released from the law until then, and that the commandments will keep all those imprisoned, until then and even further, who have not become part of the rebirth through the Son, who will be the way, the light, the truth, and the eternal life as the sole overcomer of death.

6. "But thou art free as an angel of light, and will be received after the image of the great Coming one will be completed in a short while, but only through your increasing humility, love, and great piety will you make yourself fully capable and fit for the glory of My name, in spite of all the persecutions and ill-treatment that will be coming your from your brothers and sisters.

7. And behold, again Abel rose up mightily and thoroughly strong from the earth, and hovered in the air above it, as a sign of true freedom, and did as was commanded to him.

8. And behold, new powers of life poured into the sleeping ones, they awoke quickly, straightened themselves, turning to all sides as they wanted to cheer with joy, deeply moved by too much astonishment about such great a soothing change of the wilderness; but then arose Adam, and by his side was Eve, and Adam spoke to his children:

9. "Children, do not rejoice and do not cheer too much, but weep and repent with me and Eve first for our great guilt, and consider what we have lost! The earthly paradise and all its goods do me nothing; for as I and you see it with me, the Lord has given back so much in His abundant and unlimited mercy, so that we could all very easily forget the loss of the lavish goods of the earthly paradise over this new, vast and inmeasurable wealth of His too great Love. But behold the incoming animals of the air as well as of the firm earth, behold the grass, the plants, the shrubs, and all the saplings, as well as the great trees, and the breezing airs, ask all of this, and listen if any answer comes forth to you!

10. "I did it right at my awakening and convinced myself that all things have become mute towards me, and that they never understood the sound of my voice. But the twittering of the birds, the howling of the animals, the murmur of this brook, and all the sounds of the grass, the plants, the bushes, and all the saplings and trees soon came to my ear; but how frightened I was, and still am, through and through, that I no longer understood and understand any of it!

11. "However, I was not shocked because this ability had been taken from me, but rather I was shocked much more at the endlessly greater loss of grace of the holy Father, who is above and among all creatures.

12. "Everything I have lost you have also lost through Me, since you have sinned through me and with me, with the exception of the one whom I am no longer worthy to call my son. He has remained within the fullness of grace and blessing in all might and power, pure and just before the all-seeing eyes of the most holy and good Father, His Love and His Spirit.

13. "That is my beloved Abel, whom the most just Lord has also taken from us, since my eyes cannot see him anywhere. And this surely so that I, and all of you through me, are to experience what it means to have fallen from the grace of eternal Love into the severe justice of the Lord, through the sin of careless disobedience to His so mild laws of love and the gentle commandments of grace.

14. "O children, take all this to heart what I have now told you and try to convince yourselves whether I have spoken the truth. Then come and judge for yourselves what time it now is. Should we weep and grieve in deep remorse, or may we still find something that could give joy to our hearts?

15. "Yes, my children, the eternal Love of the holy Father has left us but one single joy as a gift of Its great grace - and we can, and shall be pleased with it -, and that is the great grace of repentance and grief itself.

16. "Behold, this alone the Lord has left behind for us: The tears of repentance and the tears of grief. Let us thank Him for it from the depth of our hearts!

17. "Oh, how very fortunate we still are that the Lord has bestowed this rich gift upon us! What would we be without this grace?

18. "Therefore, let us, deeply conscious of our great depravity, fall down and weep and grieve until no more tears flow from our eyes, and we have thus returned to the Lord what belongs to Him and of what we are completely unworthy. Then let Him do to us according to His most holy justice and what is - and has been from eternity - His holy and always good will!"

19. And behold, Adam, with all his people, fell down and did what he had recognized as the right action, thanks to the small, still retained part of grace from the quiet and secret mercy of eternal Love in the Father, and wept and lamented bitterly with all his people, except Cain. He also prostrated himself like the others, but his eyes remained dry. Annoyed that he could not weep like the others, he rose and walked away. As he was thus walking along, gazing at the green ground, he suddenly caught sight of a slithering serpent. He bent down, grabbed it, tore it to pieces, and, overcome by anger and resentment, consumed its flesh, thus making it his own.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-14 Chapter