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160,1. And behold, promptly all the flames went out and the beasts retreated. And Adam with Seth was delivered from the severe temptation and his way was now open throughout the hut so that he could go wherever he wanted.

160,2. He said to himself: "Eve now does not need my anyway futile protection any longer; for how could I help anyone else when I was so completely incapable of helping myself? Since my old hut has now become free from all these horrors through the Lord's great mercy, my free feet shall now take me to where this holy deliverance has come from."

160,3. And the two, Adam and with him Seth, immediately moved towards Abedam.

160,4. However, He came to meet them, and since both their hearts were so overwhelmed with gratitude that none of them was able to utter a single word, Abedam forestalled them here too and said:

160,5. "Once you have approached the Lord in your need and the Lord has granted your entreaty you shall not turn your back on Him again, but turn to Him with your whole heart and face. For if He can protect you, can He not protect also those about whom you foolishly worry?

160,6. "Behold, Eve and all the others are still alive and unharmed. What use to them was your silly, foolish worry? If I had not protected them and kept them absolutely safe what would have become of them? Or could you have helped them if they had been eaten by the strong, bloodthirsty beasts or consumed by the destructive power of the fire?

160,7. Thus there is only one thing man needs to care about, namely, to seek God, the holy Father, at all times; not just in one's need, but also in proper love on all one's ways. And he who has found Him as the supreme treasure shall not turn his back on Him again, but remain with Him, otherwise he will always be aware of his helplessness already when he is only halfway back and will have to recognize through bitter experiences that he cannot achieve anything without Me.

160,8. "For if someone calls My name but has his back turned to Me, truly, he will not be heard until his heart and face are turned towards Me.

160,9. "But note this: Such a second return will always be put to a severe test, and only then will it become evident how serious the heart is about it - for the world will mightily rage around him - , and the only word that will be heard is that of the heart.

160,10. "Make sure you understand this and do not ever turn your back on Me, but let Me guide and lead you everywhere! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-160 Chapter