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161,1. When the two had heard these words from Abedam, they thanked Him from the bottom of their hearts, which began to bust open emitting a blaze of bright flames of true love. Then Seth too recognized Abedam and said, deeply moved:

161,2. “O holy Father! Only now have I awakened from a sleep lasting almost eight hundred years and I see in clear outlines all the things Your infinite fatherly love does in order to truly quicken Your created beings, make them free and independent and educate them to become Your true children so that as such they may and should develop beside You, good Father.

161,3. "Out of love You destroyed worlds before their eyes to make them recognize their nothingness and the allness of Your holy love.

161,4. "You hid again from them to make them seek You and over this hallowed seeking forget the world and its transitory allurements.

161,5. "You gently rejected the one who approached You while still immature and set him onto a good soil to enable him to mature more quickly so that he could, laden with abundant fruit, return home to You. And You still rewarded him for patiently letting You love him boundlessly and overwhelm him with life's countless loving deeds.

161,6. "Already for a long time You have seen the great lukewarmness of our hearts. Instead of deservedly punishing us, You came to us Yourself visibly and taught us and are still teaching us through holy words and holy deeds to recognize You and also life eternal within us.

161,7. "For our sake You set heaven and earth and thus all the elements visibly in motion in an amazing way. And even through violent thunder You preach Your great love and mercy to our deaf ears and through the brightest, crashing flashes of lightning You awaken our eyes from the deepest deathlike sleep that they may behold the works of Your boundless fatherly love, yes, that they may behold You, You Yourself, holy Father.

161,8. "O Father, who can ever love You enough? Who can thank You with even an infinitesimal fraction of what is owing to You, as a child's duty?

161,9. "O You good Father! May my heart expand far over all the visible heavens! And you, newly awakened holy flame of true love, fill my expanded heart from top to bottom so that I may one day love You, O holy Father, with all my strength, yes, even beyond my strength.

161,10. "Only now do all the words you, Enoch, have spoken to me in the name of the Father, rise like brightly shining stars; only now is everything clear to me. Back to the first morning of childhood, I now feel that in every little breeze that played with my hair, in every little dewdrop that ever bedewed my feet, indeed, in everything that ever touched me, even every dream, was an act of Your boundless love, O holy Father.

161,11. "Receive now my gratitude for everything, my sincere gratitude which from now on I will forever constantly offer You with all the love of my heart and which with Your grace I will surely be able to enhance more and more.

161,12. "Oh, if I only could shout now, if I were allowed to reveal You! Truly, as only a short while ago my voice was drowned by the noise of the elements, I would now like, O Father, to drown them with Your praise.

161,13. "Forgive me, O Father, if I talk too much. But who can restrain his love who has recognized You, O Father; and who can do here too much? Who can praise You too much and who thank You too much?

161,14. "Whose heart can expand too much to absorb the unspeakable magnitude of Your mercy, Your patience, Your forbearance, yes, the infinite magnitude of Your fatherly love?

161,15. "O Father, holy, good, best Father, my heart shall forever be completely devoted to You out of gratitude; receive it graciously, our dear, holy Father. O receive it from all of us! Your will, amen!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-161 Chapter