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179,1. After this brief reminder to those present the high Abedam still waited for a short while and then went to Kisehel, still lying on his face on the ground, and said to him:

179,2. "Kisehel, rise to everlasting life, you have truly found it.

179,3. "I, Abedam Jehovah the Eternal, your good holy Father, have come to you Myself to help you rise. Therefore, rise without fear for, behold, I have obliterated your sin forever because you have seized Me with the love of your heart as until now none of My children on this earth has seized Me. So rise, endowed with great wisdom, which you received through your love, and with great power, which came to you from your love, to which even all inanimate and animate things shall submit and, finally, endowed with life eternal. For truly - you will not ever taste death, as by your love for Me you have in everything mortified your flesh.

179,4. "He who dies as you have now died in his love for Me and to whom I then come to truly awaken him, indeed, he is not awakened for this time, but for life in eternity.

179,5. "I tell you: Whoever will not, like you, win eternal life will have to wait in the beyond for a long time until the day of release for the dead comes.

179,6. And so rise and help up also your brothers and all your children, and then follow Me. Amen."

179,7. When Kisehel had heard the voice of the Lord, he sighed deeply, got to his feet and was as if benumbed by overwhelming gratitude and joy so that he was shaking all over and unable to utter a single word.

179,8. Then Abedam stepped up to him, touched him once more and said:

179,9. "I tell you: Be and remain steadfast and all fear shall be banished from you forever and with the fear also every sin, even the possibility of falling anew. For what you will be doing now you will be doing in My name and in My love. And if someone acts and speaks in My name and in My love, how could then a sin be thinkable?

179,10. "I will tell you now what sin actually is, how a man can sin and how he can refrain from sinning.

179,11. "That is a sin when someone feels an urge within him, sees its advantage, chases after it and seizes it with his desire, changes it into something of his own and then acts in his own interest. From the spoil of such an urge, which self-love concealed within it, there arises an evil mentality permeating the entire person and darkening his mind so that he can no longer distinguish the true from the false and the good from the bad.

179,12. "However, if someone feels some urge within him, but thinks by himself: 'O Lord, I recognize that You have touched me. 1ilis urge comes from You, O Father! Your boundless goodness has shown mercy to me and wants to strengthen me unworthy one in true meekness and in true love for You. O Father, to do this is unworthy of me as You have made me recognize by the tempting urge. All the might is Yours, all power is Yours, You alone are the Lord of heaven and earth. Let me do only what befits me before You, O holy Father, namely, to love You as Your child. But remove graciously this higher urge for action once more from me, as You have given it, for it is a divine power. If I poor and still weak created being and child acted according to it, I would be a being that would have to feel in this point equal to You as I would want to act with this power of Yours to which You alone have a right. Therefore take Your holy power away from me unworthy one and let me remain in my childlike love for You, O holy Father!'

179,13. "Behold, if I find such humility with someone, do you think I would then take the urge of My power away from him?

179,14. "Oh no, I tell you, I will then bless this urge in him and will awaken him Myself with the same urge for eternal life. And thus, by the same means by which a man, un sanctioned, might have become a gross sinner, he will be actively united with Me forever and then be able to do the same out of Me a thousand fold and not ever be sinning. For what he is now doing is no longer out of himself, but out of Me.

179,15. "Do you think that the sinner does anything else but My will? Indeed, no, I tell you! No one can touch even a hair on his head without My will.

179,16. "Now you are thinking: 'How can he sin who acts according to Your will? '

179,17. "I have already shown you what the nature of sin is, and I will now add an example to make it clearer to you.

179,18. "Someone might be seized with mighty anger at some action of his brother, so much so that he could kill his brother as Cain did. However, he quickly pulls himself together and recognizes where this urge has come from. Yet it is not sufficient to recognize this, but the meek recognition of this powerful foreign urge will soon let him realize that I alone am Lord over life and death. In this realization the one thus touched by My power will sink down before My holiness that has come so close to him and return to Me what is Mine with an honest and immensely grateful heart.

179,19. "Then I will not take back My power which had seized him, but bless him with this power and awaken him to everlasting life,

179,20. "Thereupon he will go to his brother and convert him, that is, slay him for the world and with the abundance of My power reanimate him for eternal life.

179,21. "Who will then be able to say that he has sinned against his brother?

179,22. "But he who after recognizing the foreign urge within him acted as if unauthorized, though with My power, would he not be a gross sinner like Cain who perverted My power within him when seized with anger and slated his brother?

179,23. „Thus every sinner, when he has recognized his folly in time and returns to Me full of remorse and love, will be like one righteous from his birth when he puts down before Me everything he had taken unlawfully and then meekly turns back to Me. Truly I tell you, all his sins will be forgiven be their number as the sand in the sea. Nothing shall be taken from him and he shall become great according to the extent of his remorse, humility and love.

179,24. "But all the more woe betide the stubborn one! - And so, Kisehel, all your sin has come to nothing, and since you have recognized what is Mine within you, you are now as if you had never sinned.

179,25. "Therefore, you shall now become strong and follow Me, together with your brothers, to your children, Amen."

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