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186,1. Having heard Abedam's so wonderfully consoling words Ghemela became so happy that she began to actually leap for joy on Abedam's arm, forgetting her modesty, so that her father Zuriel called to her not to bare herself so much and bear in mind who He was Who was carrying her.

186,2. But Abedam rebuked him fort this inopportune reprimand and said to him:

186,3. "If you know Me, why this concern? And in case you have not yet come to know Me, let your daughters teach you to recognize Me as they have done.

186,4. "Do you wish to show your most innocent children the serpent of unchastity and replace their total innocence with the worrying worldly conscience?

186,5. "Behold what a great fool you are. Who could possibly in My hands behave immodestly and cause Me displeasure?

186,6. "So be henceforth wiser. - And you, Ghemela, do not let this interfere with your gaiety, for this is the fullness of eternal life out of Me within you, and not even the purest angel has as yet experienced this as you are doing now. So leap to your heart's content, for it is good to be carried upon My arm!"

186,7. And for a short while Abedam still caressed Ghemela and then said to her: "Behold, My completely pure beloved, so as not to arouse jealousy in those who are now approaching from all sides because of the messengers I sent to them this morning and not to give them cause for secret resentment as they do not yet know Me as you and all here present know Me, I set you visibly down on the ground, but invisible to physical eyes, thus in spirit and all truth, you remain in the arms of My eternal Love. Amen."

186,8. With these words Abedam once more pressed her to His heart and then put her gently down beside His feet. Soon the delegated announcers of the offering and enlighteners according to the word of Abedam arrived, fell upon their faces before Abedam and worshipped Him from the bottom of their hearts. And behind them immense crowds followed their good example.

186,9. After a short while Abedam bade them rise and said to them: "You have worked honestly and faithfully, and the fruits of your acts are following you. This gives Me great joy and I now allow you to freely ask for a reward from Me. And whatever you may wish will soon be granted to you. So let your hearts speak."

186,10. Thereupon they all began to shout: "Lord, You holy God, our most loving Father, our Emmanuel Abedam! Whatever should we ask of You since we have You, You eternal Love, You our holy Creator and Father!

186,11. "What could even the greatest self-love imagine that would be more than You?

186,12. "Behold, our hearts that love You above all already have the supreme reward in You in such boundless fullness so that even if we for eternities served You daily unspeakably more than we did this morning we still would not in the least deserve this immensely holy reward. Indeed, our most zealous service during eternities would still be a nothing compared to the infinite greatness of this unspeakably holy preliminary reward that You, most loving and holy Father, have decided to come Yourself to us worms in the dust of the earth and have filled all of us with Your love and Your most holy light of grace of which all of us were and still are completely unworthy.

186,13. "Oh, may the earth swallow us into its deep, flaming abysses if beside You we could still have the slightest wish, although we shall never be able to thank You enough, O Emmanuel, for allowing us such a request.

186,14. "What could we ask of You anyway? Do we know what would be good and profitable for us?

186,15. "But thanks to Your grace we all know that You alone are necessary to us. And all of us already have You.

186,16. "For what else could we ask? Oh yes, we could ask You never to leave us. If this, our request is granted we have infinitely more than our ever so ardently wishing hearts could think of in all Eternities of eternities. So that is all we ask You for, yet not as a reward for our most trifling merit, but only because of Your mercy and fatherly love.

186,17. “O Emmanuel! Forgive us even this request since we are all blind before You and do not know what we are doing. All that can be pleasing to You is Your holy will; and so now, as always and forever, Your holy will be done! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-186 Chapter