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32,1. And behold, when Meduhed had ended his speech, they all prostrated themselves before God and thanked and praised Him from the bottom of their hearts for a whole hour. Then they rose happily and, guided by the spirit of grace, they went a little further inland and found there in a large cave a great many tools of all kinds, as picks, axes, hatchets, planes, all kinds of knives, saws, hammers, drills, T-squares, chisels and a million double nails or clamps. This made them extremely happy and they leapt and shouted with joy at My so incomprehensibly great grace towards them. (N.B. Look, what I am giving you here is more than these tools, but as yet no one can be found who has thanked Me fittingly with the greatest joy in his heart. Note this, you dull reverent of My name and epicures of My Word, and open wide the gates of love, which is a new holy city in your hearts, so that I may send My angels there to cleanse in advance all the squares, alleys and haunts, as well as all the dwellings in it, in order that I may enter there and you rush to meet Me, exclaiming with great joy: "Glory to God in the highest and peace to all men of good will! Praised be the Lord Who comes riding on a she-ass. Hallelujah to the Son of David; hallelujah to the Prince of Peace; hallelujah to Him Who comes in the name of the Lord God Zebaoth. He alone is worthy of receiving from us all praise and all honor He is the alone holy Father of our hearts. Amen.")

32,2. Now let us continue! - And lo, they took all the tools and the nails and carried them to the shore. There they refreshed themselves with rest, food and drink, and already the next day they set to work with grateful hearts and praised Me, even when they blundered. Therefore, their work proceeded with speed and precision so that it could be regarded as a miracle rather than actual work. Thus, within fourteen days 250 hulks were standing, completed, at the shores, secured with ropes to prevent them from being swept away by the always slowly rising tide of the great ocean.

32,3. And behold, after their faithfully completed work they had still some fifty days for total rest, during which time I gave them through Meduhed, who had become quite pious and full of love, gradually a better knowledge about Me. I also gave them a Sabbath on which they were to rest within My love, do no work and submit all day long fully to Me. If they continued to do this, they would all become as wise as Farak was, and now Meduhed is. Indeed, if they would not only strive to become pious in the exalted reverence and the pure knowledge of My name, but began to love Me deeply in all humility of their hearts and kept growing in this love, then I would become a good Father to them, too. 'In en death would be again taken from them, for they would be received as children to the wide bosom of divine love until a certain great Time of all times on earth when they would all come to the great Father and behold His countenance forever and be filled with the immeasurably rich streams of love within Me.

32,4. All this they heard through the mouth of Meduhed and rejoiced and crowded in great numbers around Meduhed, keen on hearing daily something about Me. This gave Me and all the primordial angels in heaven great pleasure.

32,5. I also taught them through Meduhed to preserve the words in symbols, and these symbols were corresponding pictures behind whose natural cover was hidden a spiritual meaning. Thus they learnt during this short time also to write and read.

32,6. And behold, in this manner I prepared for Myself within a short time a people descendants of which still exist right to this day; but where - you will hear a bit later. Well, when they were thus well prepared, I let an exalted song full of wisdom and love sound in the background through Meduhed. This was already recorded and still exists today. But where also about that at a later time. This was the song: Listen well, late children of My grace, How I invite you all to the great meal. Come all with faithful hearts into My presence, Praise happily My name as you were taught Devotedly and faithfully by Meduhed, The first who longed for Me deep in his heart. Follow his example with a pure and honest mind. Look at his eyes, his mouth, his ears and at The soft white beard, a sign of good, wise speech. Behold, in all of this you must become like him If you wish to be My true, dear children once, Completely free from the evil serpent's guile. Look, soon I'll wash off all filth from the earth. And all sinners will seek My love in vain! But if your hearts remain faithful and good My floods shall pass you by and I will hide You in the higher regions of the earth When My wrath is unleashed from heavy bonds. Then will all earth's generations cry aloud And all the mockery of the great be silenced. The waters rushing high across the mountains Will carry only few children of Mine, dwarfs Of My love, tiny like children of a gnat, For love grew lame and had to use a crutch. Look upwards to My heavens' light-filled spaces, Look at My stars' bright radiance of My grace. The sun peacefully illumines the earth's fields, The moon accompanies the earth and never grumbles And all the worlds meekly obey My will. Thus also you shall quietly perform your tasks. And what may be the nature of these stars? Listen, I tell you, love will solve this riddle! Once pure and perfect love dwell in your hearts The torch of My grace shall give light to you. Then you will read with ease in the bright flame A great script of the truth in your God's name. Oh little heart imprisoned in the narrow breast If you but knew the source from which you came, You would not care about the lifeless masses, But let them float, completely unconcerned. For the Creator of these things, so transitory Compared to a heart - would lovingly attach Himself to it. What is considered great by you weak human beings, How insignificant it is considered by My love! Oh they are nothing all the things in the wide spaces And so are men whose hearts have not developed love! Great is alone My love's true faithfulness, of course, And what comes close to it: The sinner's true remorse. I alone am great through My love's mighty action, A free Spirit having kept Himself under control. But the to you unknown paths of My suns Which like so many things remind you of your weakness, What are they in the great abundance of My Deity? Only a mite's discarded weightless body. If you climbed to the center of the universe And heard the sound of all the spheres' fast flight And realized the force of all the suns' bright light And comprehended the great works of My almightiness, Would you then, perhaps, be drawn to My great love? Oh no, say I: You would be just confused by all your doubts! Even if you could control the movement of the stars And as great spirits would be chasing after them. If you could from your mouth breathe radiant suns And, as I do with Mine, let them plunge into the sea, Still all your power compared with Mine would be But like the sand and dust in some old quarry Look straight up to the great blue ribbon of the sky, Look also to the sea's far end across the waves; Believe Me when I tell you that there are no limits Where by day the sun shines and by night the countless stars. The vast expanse of the great sea cannot be compared With a single drop in the smallest regions of those stars. Therefore, you men shall only look at Me, the Great, And have your thirst for knowledge satisfied by Me, For everywhere My love seeks and explores. Wherever you may look with searching eyes You shall discover signs of My name everywhere. Yet nothing else shall ever bind you but My love! Even by the grass My gospel is proclaimed to you If you desist from all the sins of Enoch. And if you loved each other as true brothers And used your limbs for the benefit of others, Then a great grace will come to you from above To show you how to praise the Father with love! Now sink down to the earth, the mother of your sins, Shake off the dust, the serpent's deadly fare. Thank Me, your Savior, with a cheerful heart And never grudge the time that you devote to Me. Let in your hearts at all times work the power of My love, Then You will be renewed by the light of grace from above!

32,7. And behold, when Meduhed had finished this great song of life out of My grace, which is a small spark of My endless love and all its mercy, and when it had been completely recorded and read to the people, they were seized with unrestrained joy, which could be calmed only through a miracle from heaven. Such a miracle did occur in the form of a sudden rain, and this rain was a rain of love out of Me, as their joy was justified. For they rejoiced at having made the acquaintance of My name, even more so of My love and most of all they rejoiced that the supreme, holy God had condescended to speak as a Father to the children of misery, teaching them in His incomprehensible love through Meduhed.

32,8. And lo, the rain scattered them, driving them into their tents made from branches, grass and white clay, and there they praised My name, enraptured, till the middle of the night and would not have ceased if I had not sent them a well-deserved, peaceful sleep. (N.B. I have given you even greater things, in verse and in prose, but since the Roman commander and the woman from Cana in the Gospel, with the exception of the Apostles and some martyrs, I have never found such great joy, least of all with you. I do not demand it; I am just telling you that you should begin to love Me more and more, which is My will for you. This shall not weigh on your hearts, for what is not the case yet, could well happen in the future when you become better acquainted with Me and thereby expand your hearts, so that I can enter them with the abundance of My grace. This all of you shall wish above all, but you shall not be afraid, as some among you are, for there must not be fear in love. Amen.)

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