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Chapter 37 - ORIGINAL HISTORY OF THE CHINESE PEOPLE (August 10th, 1840)

37,1. Before we return to the city of Enoch, I must necessarily tell you a little more about the inhabitants of China. First of all, regarding the size of the great children of My love out of Adam, you are wrong if you imagine a physical tallness, for six hundred sixty-six inches are a full number of My love within man, where six hundred are directed towards Me, sixty towards the fellowman and six towards self. The measure of the woman is equal to the divine measure in man, but as for the woman's neighborly love and self-love there is a difference of sixty-six, and the woman must definitely obey the man in all things concerning this. Since the woman was created out of the man as self-love, she can love herself only in the man if her love is to be just. And since she is closest to the man, also her neighborly love is closest to him. That is why there is the difference.

37,2. Actually, these two, like all Adam's children, were also bodily considerably taller than the much weakened children of Cain, and they were more powerful, stronger and more robust in all their muscles, veins and organs.

37,3. (N.B. The reason why the number of man is similar to the number of My adversary is that with the latter the opposite is the case, making him the most abominable being in My eyes.)

37,4. Behold, Sihin was the first who turned in his heart to Me, and he was the most obedient son of these parents and with great care led also the others in obedience. Therefore, Ahujel blessed him first and in My name said to him in the presence of Aza and all the others:

37,5. "Sihin, I bless you in the name of my God and yours! The land will be called by your name. Take your most beautiful sister for your wife and beget with her in the most blessed discipline children like the children of God and call them 'sons of heaven' and 'daughters of the earth'. And when the love of God will take my great line away from the earth, then your descendants shall be loving and wise leaders to the descendants of your brothers.

37,6. "Seek love, and wisdom shall be given you, and your tribe will survive to the end of time, for the Lord will create many lines of your tribe so that your name may live to the end of all times.

37,7. "You have been given only one wife, but in the future men shall take in strict discipline also several wives for the sake of begetting the generations. But let all harlotry be far from you, thus causing an unblessed procreation. If you will observe all this, in a thousand years your people will already have spread like grass on the earth and like the stars in the firmament.

37,8. "I with my few descendants am still going to bless and guide you for five hundred years, but then it will be your turn until the end of time. You shall measure the time by the ripening of a fruit, which ripens five times during one revolution of the earth around the sun. And whenever you have recognized a thing, look within yourselves and you will find a sign that shall represent the thing. Your actions shall be expressed through various corresponding lines and the accomplishment through dots. In this manner you shall record all you will in the future still hear from us, learn and expe-rience. And what is important show also to your children till the end of time for a great witness one day to the evil brood of the serpent. Amen."

37,9. However, without prejudice to the spiritual freedom, also this nation did not remain quite the same. Approximately one hundred and twenty years after the flood also the descendants of Sihin grew to a considerable nation, had frequently all kinds of quarrels and formed parties which differed in their customs and divine services. Some insisted that only the firstborn were capable leaders, whereas others maintained that it was nothing special to be the first-born since they were often female, and the ones with more insight in their hearts should always be the leaders. The people who said took up this argument: "If it is only the heart, why should not the sensible heart of a brother from the lower class be capable of leading?" Some rejected all this and said: "As it was in the beginning, let it be also to the end of time!" Others said that in everything and at all times God should be asked for advice and nothing should be judged and done independently. To this others replied: "If this is so, then everyone can do it; so what would be the use of one or even more leaders?" Some said that God did not reveal Himself to everybody in order to prevent men from becoming superfluous to each other. Thereupon again others replied: "Then let every seer teach what has been revealed to him and the leadership be left to God. Why then one or several leaders?" Again others remarked: "But who guarantees that such a supposedly more advanced seer and teacher always teaches the Word of God?" Whereupon others said: "Well, if one can no longer have complete faith in the teachers, then leaders and teachers are no use to us!" Thus the arguments continued and as a result many sects came into existence and the realm fell apart, each section under a different leadership and teaching, and in this way it continued right to the year 3700 after the creation of Adam, when the to your better historians already known builder (The Great Wall of China) of the Hehu Tsin line, named Chi Huang Ti (wise absolute leader of the people) appeared and began to preach mightily. He prophesied that a great people not far from the borders of their land had secretly spied on them, and if they did not all work together and erect a high and thick wall along their entire realm, this people would invade their land in great numbers and murder all of them.

37,10. He himself had been given the power by Me to hold back this invasion until the completion of the wall. But this could be only for ten years and, therefore, they had to work diligently to accomplish this great, holy task according to My revealed will; otherwise things would look very bad for them.

37,11. Now everyone who had hands took part in the work and in eight and a half years the wall was completed its length was more than eight hundred and seventy thousand man-lengths; it was nine man-lengths wide and nineteen man-lengths high, and every hundred lengths it was provided with a ten lengths higher watchtower, in which alternately a hundred men had to keep watch. This situation did not last very long because the false prophet gave himself away to the people when he had all their religious writings collected and whatever in them did not suit his despotic spirit burnt and destroyed

37,12. Thus he managed, although only by force, to once more reunite this before him so divided realm and as a veritable usurper to rule over it for almost sixty years. His son of the same name became indifferent and indulgent, but as a result the latter's son, the third in the line of these usurpers, had to pay for the outrage with his life in a general revolt of the people when he began with an even more cruel persecution of the believers than the one his grandfather had already started.

37,13. Thereafter the realm once more disintegrated into many parts until, finally, in the year 3786 Liu Pang (a highwayman) gathered around him an army of like-minded, as a general subjected all and, finally, set himself up as an emperor and a son of heaven. He collected whatever he could find of ancient, still hidden writings and legends, organized religion, appointed priests to watch over the sanctuaries and divided the people into classes or castes, threatening with death those who would break the rules.

37,14. Thus he founded the so-called Heavenly Empire or the great dynasty (Han) and expanded it considerably west of the wall. This empire lasted until the fourth century before the incarnation of My Word when it again suffered a considerable, division, losing a great part of Tartary and Mongolia, and was reduced to three fighting realms, called I Chen kue. Still later, in the fourth century after the great incarnation of My Word, this line became extinct and the realm, in the same heavenly form, because of the people and the priests, came under the rule of Mongol-Tartar rulers from the region of Baikal, under whose bearable leadership it still exists today.

37,15. Here you have the whole history of China in brief. Whoever cannot believe it, may go there and convince himself. However, he will not fare much better than if he traveled to Japan. To the blind a lantern is no use even in bright daylight, whereas the light of the sun suffices to the one who can see.

37,16. Now, having taken care of our fourteen students, let us return for a short while to the city of Enoch and watch Lamech's conduct. And when we have satisfied ourselves right to the times of Noah, we shall pay a short visit to the forefather Adam and following that open the sluice gates of heaven. Amen.

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