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46,1. And behold, when father Adam had finished speaking, Enoch rose respectfully in order to speak to the fathers; but before he began he silently turned his loving heart to Me imploring Me for the grace to now be enabled to speak of My love and the holiness of My name, unutterable to any tongue because of its holiness.

46,2. I gave him what he had asked for and made the sound of his voice melodious like refined ore. His speech was full of dignity and sweetness, and no human tongue, before and after him, has spoken like this until Moses and all the prophets who, too, spoke with the tongue of Enoch and out of the same spirit. And his speech was as follows:

46,3. "O fathers! The immense grace of God, our most holy Father, has come among us like a cooling breeze floating from the distant morning. Yes, the holy, eternal Father is among us! You, father Adam, may say: 'Enoch, listen, that cannot be, for the Lord has told me: You will and shall not see Me any more, for I shall appoint an angel to lead, guide and test you until the time of My pleasure!' However, father Adam, if a man had a weak wife who on a bright morning saddened her husband, who loved her deeply, when she refused to follow him into the room to receive the blessing of God where-upon the sun would rise and bless the earth out of God with the bright rays of God's merciful love, then the husband, seeing this disobedience in her love, will say: 'Wife, what use are you to me when you reject the grace and power of God in me and oppose the blessing of God? Look, in order to appease the holiness of God in my vigor, I will leave you and no blessing shall touch you before the sun has shone upon you seven thousand times and has always found you washing yourself in your tears of remorse. Then I will send you in my place someone to bless you in my name. And when you will have changed, I shall look at you from a distance to see whether you have become worthy of my touching you with my blessing vigor. You will be surrounded by my memory and only thorns and thistles will be growing in your field, but the seed from which may come a sprout out of God shall be absent from your body for the time being.'

46,4. "Having said this, the husband would leave his wife. She, realizing the holy seriousness of the matter would throw herself to the ground and begin to weep and lament about herself and her unforgivable disobedience to her husband's holy vigor out of God and roll in the dust of the earth in her sorrow. Seeing the earnestness of his wife's remorse the husband would say to himself: 'She mightily regrets her sin and is at her wit's end about my harshness, which is a protection of the holy vigor out of God within me, and her lamentations silence the voice of my emissary. Therefore I will break the word of harshness in my heart and will allow myself to be led only by my exceedingly forbearing love and go to her before the time, comfort and touch her, dry her tears and accept her once more as my wife.'

46,5. "However, the wife, after having cried her eyes out, only gradually recognizes the great mercy of her husband, rises from the ground and, happy and surprised, sees the face of her husband who admonishes her, saying: 'Wife, you are surprised that I have broken my word, but look, this is due to my love, and my harshness had compassion on you as you had appeased it so mightily with your remorse. And so I have returned to you before the threatened time to admit you once more into my heart.'

46,6. "O look, fathers, as this husband because of his great love broke his word and forgot his harshness in view of his wife's great remorse, also God, our most holy Father, has in His exceedingly great love often broken His Word and did not stick to His just severity. For the penitent His anger is like that of a dove, but His love is like a strong spring, which keeps feeding the ocean.

46,7. "O fathers, and also you, mother Eve, lift up your eyes and behold the great Holy One among us, yes, behold among us, His children, the most loving Father, who broke His word!

46,8. "O fathers, my speech is finished and now let Him speak Who gave me these words and before Whom my tongue becomes silent

46,9. "O You holy Father, do speak the great Amen Yourself!"

46,10. And behold, it happened like Enoch had said, and visible to all I spoke the great Amen. When they saw Me they all prostrated themselves before Me and in the dust worshipped Me, their holy Father, with great contrition of their hearts. No one dared lift up his eyes, but I called them all by their names and bade them raise their heads that they might recognize their holy Father. Then they looked up and Adam recognized Me and tried to speak, but his tongue did not obey his overflowing love. I pitied these weak children and so stayed in their midst for a while.

46,11. However, no one dared utter even a single word; they were all unable to speak out of great fear and love. And I pitied them for their weakness and faint-heartedness and breathed courage and strength into them so that they would be able to bear the thunderous sound of My voice and understand the exalted meaning of the words from the mouth of eternal Love which were flowing like a great flood from the eternal source, the First Cause of all existence.

46,12. When thus all their senses were strengthened and thereby also their soul and spirit, Adam rose to his feet, supported by his children, and spoke full of love and humble trust: "O You holy Father Who are the very eternal Love; in Your great mercy You have looked graciously and lovingly upon all of us who are so sinful Therefore, I, a poor servant of sin in my endless nothingness before You, dare with a trembling heart to pray and ask: O most holy Father! Where is there in us still a fiber of life worth in the least of saying to itself joyfully: Because it was still un-spoilt You came to us?

46,13. "However, everyone of our hairs has become bad and every fiber of our life useless. Would You, therefore, graciously reveal to us what has caused Your love to so mercifully descend into this lowliness?

46,14. "O most holy Father, do not treat our request unfavorably. But as always Your most holy will be done!"

46,15. And lo, when Adam had spoken thus from the depth of his heart, they all once more knelt before Me and worshipped Me in their love inexpressible by human standards. Then I stepped up to them and, when they had sufficiently expressed their love, bade them rise and open their eyes and ears to clearly perceive My Word.

46,16. Only when this had been done did I direct the following words to their hearts, which translated as follows:

46,17. "Children, listen! Thus speaks He Who has given you an immortal soul and a living spirit out of Himself that you may recognize My great love for you and that I will one day give you eternal life out of your love for Me and My love for you, once the great debt of My Love will have atoned for this same debt to the Holiness at a time which I am going to prepare out of Me. As I have made all of you out of My mercy, I shall prepare this time out of My love.

46,18. "As I am now a spirit of grace among you I shall then be a man full of supreme love among men. But though you now recognize that I, your Father, have come to you as a high, eternal Spirit full of power and might and you are well aware that it is I Who is speaking to you, your later children will not immediately recognize Me in a weak, poor brother among them. They will persecute Me, cruelly maltreat Me and do to Me what Cain did to Abel. However, it will be hard to slay the Lord of life and My apparent death will bring about eternal life for all who will believe that it is I Who came as a Savior among them, endowed with all the might of love to atone for the debt your disobedience has brought upon all of you, over all the earth and all the stars - for there are also children who initially have gone forth from you, Adam. But for the unbelievers and stubborn ones in their selfish malice this will lead to eternal judgment and also eternal death.

46,19. "And thus I will come seven times, but the seventh time I will come in the fire of My holiness. Then woe betides those who are found unrighteous; they shall be no more, except in the eternal fire of My wrath!

46,20. "Behold, I have once been here in the beginning of the world to create all things for your sake and you for Mine. Soon I shall return in great floods of water in order to wash the pestilence off the earth. For the depths of the earth have become an abomination to Me, full of dirty mud and pestilence, which has grown out of your disobedience. There I shall come for your sake so that the whole world may not perish and one lineage remains the last descendant of which I Myself shall be. 21 "And I shall come to you a third time manifold (Abraham, Moses and the prophets. The Ed.), untold times as now - sometimes visibly and sometimes invisibly in the word of the Spirit - to prepare My way. And I shall come a fourth time bodily, in great distress, in the great Time of times. Soon after that I shall come for the fifth time in the spirit of love and sanctification. And I shall come for the sixth time to the inner self of anyone who will truly long for Me in his heart and shall be a guide to him who full of love and faith will let himself be drawn by Me to eternal life. At that time I shall be more remote from the world; but whoever will be accepted shall live and My Kingdom will be with him forever.

46,22. "Finally I shall come again, as already mentioned. But this last coming will be to all a permanent return - one way or another.

46,23. "Listen and comprehend it well: Abide in love, for this will be your Redeemer! Love Me above all - this will be your life everlasting. But also love one another so that you may be released from judgment. My grace and My primary love be with you until the end of all times! Amen." - And their eyes were again closed.

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