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Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-53 Chapter


53,1. Adam, amazed at such a speech from the mouth of Enoch, rubbed his forehead, struck his breast seven times and said finally:

53,2. "O love, what are you that I cannot be angry with you?! O Enoch, listen, you are a mighty speaker, for you have charged me with my guilt and touched those sides in me forcefully which have remained, since Abel, an inviolable sanctuary for everyone. But who can hold it against you when you utter words that have not grown out of you, but are pure words of eternal Love?

53,3. "For no man can speak as you do unless it has been given him from above, and no one would have the strength to speak something before me unless such a mighty meaning had been given him by the eternal might of the most holy Father's love,

53,4. "However, you are speaking unafraid out of the might of your great love for God, distributing from the large vessel, and therefore you cannot be called to account; for out of your love every guilt is vindicated and thus mine, too. All I can say to you is that you are surely a man after the heart of Gael. When you speak my heart trembles like a child's in a dark, stormy night; and when you pray my whole body weeps.

53,5. "O Enoch, your words always resemble a rising sun into the face of which one can initially gaze happily, but as it keeps rising higher and higher every observer must cover his eyes, for man's dark eye cannot bear the force of such rays without losing its sight

53,6. "O Enoch, you have now told me so much that I may hardly ever be able to grasp it all in this earthly life. You made me happy and sad, - happy, because your angelic spirit has not ever as yet shone from you as brightly as now, and you made me sad because your extremely powerful light has very clearly shown me my indescribably great shortcomings before God and His eternal holy order.

53,7. "But when I remember that it is you, my dear Enoch, who yesterday advised us of the unexpected arrival of eternal Love, then I rejoice again when I look at you and think that you are a favorite of the great, holy Father whereby you have become mine as well for the whole of my life. This you will remain as long as I shall still walk on this earth, and your name, like mine, will be known to the end of all time.

53,8. "But now, dear Enoch, let us once more return to the hut where Seth has surely prepared a breakfast. After breakfast we shall visit the working children here and there and gladden them with our presence. And Eve, Seth and his first son Enos, also Enos’ first son Kenan, the seer, and Kenan’s first son Mahalaleel with his first son, your father Jared; and you shall be on my right shall accompany us. In this way we shall spend the forenoon usefully. At midday we will strengthen our limbs, praising the Lord aloud before and after the refreshment, and the afternoon we will spend again in my hut, going within and thinking of yesterday's great visitation.

53,9. "But your mouth shall never be silent, for your words are of benefit to everyone. And above all remember to hallow with your blessed tongue before your fathers and brothers the free Sabbath tomorrow; and as you have now spoken without consideration, do that also today, tomorrow and in the future!

53,10. "Now see Seth already hurrying towards us, and so let us go. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-53 Chapter