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69,1. And behold, when the children had heard this from the mouth of Adam they wept earnest tears of repentance and were so upset that they could hardly be soothed. For they now understood what they had lost, saw no way of regaining what they had lost and believed themselves already completely judged.

69,2. Seeing their earnest repentance Adam said to Seth: "Listen, my beloved son, rise, open your mouth and lift up their hearts in peace and love for Jehovah! Amen."

69,3. So Seth rose and began to address the following most noteworthy speech to them, saying: "Listen, children who are weeping before our eyes and ears tears of true repentance. Our God and holy Father is, of course, a most just Lord, but also a Father full of love and mercy. Bear in mind that whatever we do could not possibly bother and annoy God as the Deity, for basically what difference would there be between destroying a mote or a world?

69,4. "With respect to God one like the other is a pure nothing, just as all of us taken together are nothing compared to Him. How then could the nothing offend against that, which is nothing in the sight of God,

69,5. "the same as we do not take any notice of the almost completely invisible animalcules under the tiniest rotting leaf which a soft breeze lifted from the moss and with a little dewdrop hanging on it dropped into the sea. But this comparison is really nothing when we consider how much less an entire world including us is in comparison to God. Thus all our dealings and we are practically nothing compared to God.

69,6. "But hear! This same God has one thing, which is very important to Him and that is His own, eternal Love through which we - and all things for our sake - have come into existence. Through and in this love God is our Father and we are His children In this love of His He attends to the most insignificant as He does to the greatest with equal care. And thus His unmistakable divinity and fatherly love reveals itself in this loving care.

69,7. "Therefore it is not a matter of indifference to the love of God whether we act in one way or another. If we regarded love as independent, this too is of a nature that it is blind towards the actions of its children, like a tender mother towards her infant However, God would not be a God without love and love without God would not be love. Thus God and His love are one, and God is mighty in His love and love holy through God. And this one God in His oneness is our most loving and holy Father as we in His image are fully His children. We too have a heart and in it a spirit of love and a living, intelligent soul dwells in our whole being. This intellect as such is like that of God and the love of the spirit in the heart with its free will like the love in God. And once through the free will soul and spirit become one being, we too are in everything completely like God and only then His children.

69,8. "Just as God is for us only in the love God and our most loving, holy Father, we too can become His children only in love. God's union with His love is like the obedience. If we with our forward intellect obey the perceived demands of the spirit and thereby unite the light with love we become children of love, full of wisdom and God's goodwill, and children full of eternal life.

69,9. "Now look, dear children, when you through your forward intellect became unfaithful to the innermost love out of God within you, you became disobedient in your soul, your sanctuary, and to the love in God. Then your love withdrew and you lived only in your soul striving for expansion (to infinity, if that were possible). Now judge for yourselves and tell me what would be more solid: a mist spreading in all directions, its transient extent enveloping entire vast regions, or a little round stone transparent like a dew-drop? Behold, therein lies the cause of your fear and your blindness!

69,10. "Is not the little stone so solid that no one could squash it and does it not resist every storm, every pressure and every knock? Yes, you did see the tiger tearing a big ox suddenly to small pieces, but surely, if this tiger had bitten into such a barely egg-sized little stone that would have been the end of the tiger's most awful weapon. And had it swallowed it as a whole, it would have swallowed its death and in the decomposition the little stone would have remained undamaged.

69,11. "Look, children, man in his obedience is like this little stone, but as an external, rational man he is like the mist. But does it not happen that when winds condense such mists this results in drops of water and when many drops flow together they form a lake? When the great weight of the mass of water presses hard in the depth its parts take hold of each other under such pressure and they form a transparent stone, which is then a firm block of rays, one and the same as Thummim, which is a symbol and a great sign of the returning obedience through true remorse.

69,12. "Behold, through your disobedience you became a mist. But all kinds of winds appeared and pushed and frightened you from all sides. You felt the pressure and wept tears of pain. Behold, that is the rain. But it did not suffice for you to become water in individual drops; you had to become a lake in your remorse. This you have now become In the depth of your life it pressures you now more than before, but hear and see and comprehend it well: Through this present final pressure your dual life has once more taken hold of itself like the little drops of water, and a new stone of life and true wisdom has formed within you. Therefore, rejoice and be of good cheer, for we did not come to destroy you, but that you may gain a new life in the true love for God, our most holy Father. Amen."

69,13. (N.B. Listen, this is the so-called philosophers' stone which the world is forever unable to find, and will never find!)

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-69 Chapter