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83,1. Now Seth understood clearly what Enoch had said, also the silence of the children of the evening and Adam's words and, finally, said:

83,2. "O father, O Enoch, now everything has become clear to me. You two, beloved father and beloved son, will surely forgive me my error owing to concern. But will the Lord do that, too, against Whose most holy Word I have actually offended? How will I gain His forgiveness?

83,3. "There was already light in my soul and I clearly perceived a new, true life arising in my heart. However, now I feel with certainty once more night and death in my organs.

83,4. "Truly, the children of the evening and of midnight are going to begin to speak as if they had gone forth from the center of the sun; but I shall be muter than a stone at the bottom of the sea because I used my tongue to contradict when I should have used it for eternal thanks. Not even dear Enoch was to address to me words of life from on high, but only Asmahael, O great God, how immense must my sin be before You when You, as the Lord of all life, bade Enoch not to speak to me, and that Asmahael was to teach me regarding my errors!

83,5. O woe betide me if the Lord should no longer look at me in His mercy! Who will then save me from the night of death?

83,6. "O Lord, let your Asmahael anyway speak words of youthful strength in the fullness of life to us whose senses are so dull and dead, and especially to me. But do not let the highly blessed tongue of Enoch become silent before us, particularly before me, so that no one may lose anything because of me.

83,7. "O Lord, God and Father, be merciful and gracious to me, a poor, blind fool! Amen."

83,8. Thereupon Enoch rose at My bidding and began to address to Seth and also all the others the following strong words out of Me:

83,9. "O dear father Seth, behold, where is there a man caught in his error who could help himself while in the middle of this error? When he speaks, he speaks as if in a dream, and when he acts, he acts like a blind one, When he walks it is as if he had no bones in his feet and when he wants to stand, he collapses like one overcome by giddiness. When he tries to stand up again, he cannot manage his feet. And if he wants to see and hear, he sees but the shadow instead of the things and hears but the empty sound instead of the living word.

83,10. "Behold, this is how it was, and still is, with you. In the midday region you have perceived within you only the shadow of life and true love satisfied with this, you were able to oppose eternal Love, secretly imagining that now already everyone of your words had to come from above. Because of that the Lord allowed you to fall in order to make you understand that it is harder to seize the supreme treasure of Jehovah's eternal love than to gather in three times seven days al1 the produce into the barn.

83,11. "Behold, you were wrong when you reproved me for passing on the word of the Lord. But why did you commit this error? It was because you thought that the claim of your heart was already purely from above and gave you the indisputable right to criticize even God's wisdom because your heart in the shadow of life did not understand it and considered it unjust and destructive.

83,12. "Now you committed another error, for you expected of Adam and me more charity than from the eternal love of Jehovah Himself Whose children al1 of us are, whether we are good or disobedient. Besides, only my word seems to be important to you, and you do not bear in mind that the Word of the Lord, be it even uttered through a stone, is one and the same holy, living Word.

83,13. "Therefore, do not ask for my tongue, but for the living Word. Do not respect the instrument, but the grace, which comes from the Lord whatever the instrument, be it Enoch or Asmahael. Then you will walk fully justified before the eternal love of Jehovah Who always knows best which instrument is most suitable for one or the other. If it pleases the Lord to speak also through Asmahael, tell me, will the Lord's Word be less His Word because of that?

83,14. "O father Seth, behold, it is the Lord's will that everyone strive incessantly after the eternal life of soul and spirit in his own heart. But let no one be tempted to think that this can be achieved from one day to another!

83,15. "Once a person has gained something from the Lord, let him do with it as children do when they find a hidden treasure and hide it from the eyes of their parents, afraid that it might again be taken away from them.

83,16. Thus no one should be too desirous of becoming an instrument of the Lord, but let everyone wait in hallowed stillness, great humility and secret love. For when someone is called by the Lord to serve as an instrument, this does not imply any gratitude and definitely no merit - since the Lord can accomplish His great works also without instruments. However, it is important that we do not seek a Lord to impose upon Him with our idle matters in order to show thereby that we, too, are important and capable of doing something, but that we all seek one and the same holy Father that He may graciously receive us as children for everlasting life through most graciously and lovingly awakening our sleeping spirit by giving light to our worldly-dark soul.

83,17. " Whomsoever the Lord has called to bear witness before the brothers to His boundless love, let him witness, but always in the deepest humility of his own heart, always bearing in mind that one is only a most useless servant without whom the Lord could do very well.

83,18. "Woe betides the one who imagines himself more than his brothers, or that the Lord needs him! Truly, such a sinner shall not escape his own judgment!

83,19. When we serve, we serve each other in all love as brothers and children of one and the same Father, and our highest wisdom be to love the holy Father above all. Let no one impose a precept upon another as if he were called to do so, as is a dog to bark and a rooster to crow. But when the Father has called someone to do so, let him do it, but always in the greatest love and humility. For only thereby will he prove that his precept is truly from God as the eternal primordial source of all love and life.

83,20. "Let him who preaches be lower than all his brothers and thereby he will prove that he is truly a servant of love.

83,21. Whoever hears the Word of the Lord from the mouth of a brother, let him thank the Lord for the unspeakable grace; but the preacher shall consider himself as the most unworthy and regard his brother as better, then he will protect his heart from pride, which is the father of death, and will be a quiet house for the Lord which alone is pleasing to Him.

83,22. "O father Seth, behold, this is what our Father wishes and demands of us. Therefore, let us strive in all love and humility to please Him and we shall live and never allow ourselves to be deceived by life's shadow! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-83 Chapter