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89,1. Then Adam rose, clasped his hands, lifted his eyes towards heaven and his heart to Me and said, deeply moved and with an exalted heart: "O Father, great, holy Father, O You eternal Love! How can, how shall I thank You?

89,2. "We did not exist, - You created us so that we might enjoy our blissful existence in Your boundless love, mercy and grace. You have created us in such a way that we, like You, are already bodily capable of every imaginable enjoyment, since we hear, see, smell, taste, sense, perceive and feel and can even love mightily - You above all and our children like our own life.

89,3. "We can walk, stand, lie, sit and move at will, bend all our limbs and turn our head and eyes to all sides. You have blessed our tongue that it can utter living words of love out of You for mutual communication. Oh, who could thank You adequately, for Your great deeds of love towards us infinitely small recipients are immeasurable!

89,4. "Oh, how insignificant we would be by ourselves; but that we are something is due only to Your loving deeds, and our life is Your love and all our knowledge Your grace.

89,5. "O Father, exceedingly good, great and holy Father! Our humbled heart is now full of childlike love for You. Look at it graciously and accept it as the best thanks we are able to offer You. For our tongue depends too much on Your blessing if it is to utter something fully worthy of You. And if it then brings forth something, it is no longer ours, but is always only Your work. Your Word and work is for You anyway forever the highest praise, be it by itself or through our tongue.

89,6. "Therefore, we have nothing which You let us have completely for our own, except love and sin.

89,7. "O Father! If I did not have love, what else would I have but sin and death? Could I possibly praise you also in sin and glorify You in death?

89,8. "That is why You gave Me love, so that my works would not consist just in sin and death, but also in love and its living works which, then, would be purely mine out of love, but out of Your grace and mercy wholly Yours.

89,9. "O holy Father, when I possessed only wisdom I could not accomplish any work, except that of sin and had to praise and glorify You with my sins. At that time You received the impure praise as if it had been a pure one out of Your love and thereby also mine, whilst it was only an impure work of sin.

89,10. "I separated the children believing my judgment just in my wisdom which You had breathed into me. And since I was convinced that the wisdom was mine, my action was a sin. And so I praised You in my sin and this would have destroyed me. But now You gave me love and not more wisdom than love can absorb so that I may no longer scatter, but gather. In the scattering dwells death and only in the gathering - life. Therefore, let me now once more gather in and through love all those whom I have scattered through the wrongly applied wisdom.

89,11. "I thank You, praise and glorify You, holy Father, for having given us Enoch and the stranger to blind us first in the wisdom so that we then in the gathering darkness became capable of absorbing the fire of love out of You. Only therein is life active through concentration, whereas in wisdom there is death from sin through scattering. Oh, let this fire become a mighty blaze within us to consume all our folly and our bad works!

89,12. "Let us find ourselves again in Your love and mercy and gather in Your mercy and grace. And let us tomorrow on Your holy Sabbath celebrate a new festival of love at which we hope to offer You, O holy Father, a more pleasing service of thanks and praise with all our love than formerly with our imagined wisdom and unfair justice.

89,13. "O exceedingly good and holy Father, let our invitation be the first step which may lead us all once more to You now and forever! Amen.

89,14. "And you, Enoch, Asmahael, Seth and Kenan, go to the children and awaken them in the true love and true freedom, invite them to the gathering of life tomorrow and do to them what love will bid you. But whatever you do, do it in the name of Jehovah, now and forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 1 HHG1-89 Chapter